18 Luxury Watches That Can Do It All & Can Be Your Only Watch (One And Done)

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In this video, I’ll share a wide range of luxury watches that are so versatile that they can each serve as a complete one-watch collection. We’ll start at the gateway to luxury at around $3,000 and ascend our way up well into the world of high horology. What luxury watch do you guys think would make a solid one-watch collection?

Watches Featured:
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Baume & Mercier Riviera Baumatic: https://teddybaldassarre.com/products/riviera-10616?variant=40508614475869
Oris Big Crown Pointer Date 403: https://teddybaldassarre.com/products/big-crown-pointer-date-calibre-403
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0:00 – Intro & Organization
2:32 – $3,000 – $10,000
15:49 – $10,000 – $60,000

22 Replies to “18 Luxury Watches That Can Do It All & Can Be Your Only Watch (One And Done)”

  1. Nice video as usual Teddy. I like all your recommendations, other than the Blancpain. I admire the history of the brand and their contribution to horology, but I think they are absolutely ugly to look at. I just don't like their design at all. Anyone else agree with me?

  2. One watch…there is NO WAY Teddy! (Enjoyed your struggle to sell this idea…I do note you have a heavy winter coat on so you can dash out the door when eggs are thrown!) Lol

  3. ‘Don’t be just going crazy there and just screwing it in and having a lot of fun. Unscrewing and screwing unnecessarily.’???? great advice Teddy 9:38

  4. There are a few pieces on this list that are too "dressy" to be casual, or too "casual" to be dressy. They don't hit the sweet spot(Ranger too casual, Gande Seiko too dressy). As an asside to that… Tudor Ranger vs 1926, curious about your opinion
    Leather is a hard NO for me… Leather for a Daily wear(one watch to rule them all) is not going to work. My sweat is like acid to Leather, and the better grade the Leather, the worse it is.
    Not a fan of integrated bracelets.

  5. Hello from Central PA! YES, close to RGM, that I didn't know ANYTHING about, despite living here my entire life! I'm just beginning to explore watches, and appreciate the vast knowledge you share.

    Have you done anything on watch storage, service, and collection sizes? Many of us would be curious about what a long-time collection looks like.

    Thanx again for all the hard work!

  6. Good selection, but Missing: Carter with the Santos or the Pasha.
    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Philippe. Great watches, but it's not really possible to buy them.

  7. Cool vid as always. Off topic n maybe crazier : I keep dorkin out on the idea of a watch concept (maybe best Japanese) that auto energizes in low light to an absurd spectacle of always illuminated , discotek like freakishness just to take the edge off of that "lume fix" . Maybe has micro usb charging to handle the nonsensical power consumption . Oh , dude ; You've the great jackets .

  8. I have collection like Protrek mudresist invicta fendi Seiko rovina tommy …not luxury watches but my friends make fun of me ????

  9. Hi Teddy, great video as always! Any reason why the aqua terra didn’t make the honorabel mentions list?
    Keep up the good work! ????

  10. Iwc have changed the pr for mark XX to 72hrs, do you have any info on this very quiet move

  11. The big reference books are well worth getting. Fortunately my AD has given me the Rolex and JLC ones when buying from them 🙂

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