1972 BMW 2002 Restomod | Jay Leno's Garage

Dorian Hicklin meticulously restored and modified this BMW 2002 to be the ultimate canyon carver and lets Jay be the first one to drive it!

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20 Replies to “1972 BMW 2002 Restomod | Jay Leno's Garage”

  1. I had a 128 Fiat with X1-9 engine Trans and struts. I got out of a ticket because a 2002 BMW passed as the officer was going to pull me over. Same color they look similar.

  2. Gee I remember these as I worked on them in taking My Apprenticeship as a Mechanic. My partner used to have a tii & raced it as well & did go like stink.

  3. All the years I have watched The Garage I have never seen Jay stall a vehicle. This was one for trivia pursuit. wink . Nice build!

  4. Dorian Hicklin mentions that he has enough fuel to get to Newcomb's Ranch and back? Newcomb's is closed, a casualty of the pandemic. Maybe, Jay, you can purchase and ressurect?

  5. Iconic car complete with a great color for the SoCal climate…
    Jay, make him an offer he cannot refuse.
    You will never regret it.
    Don’t forget the cannoli.
    Ciao, baby…

  6. My dad had one, Alpina head mod and twin Webers which increased power to 125 HP.
    My mom adored it and drove it from London to Switzerland in one go, leaving Colindale just north of London at about 06:00, hitting Dover in time to get a ferry at about 07:30 and reaching Lugano in southern Switzerland by 22:15.
    This in early 70s when there was no highway of significant length on the way.

  7. I owned a 69 safari 2002 . It was a fantastic little car except for the bodge job done on it by the previous owner cascading into much larger problem s, I was young at the time and no space for diy work so I ended up giving it aways . However it was a extremely fun car to toss around on a twisty road . I loved it while it ran great . It reminded me a lot of the Datsun 510 I once owned at well only better . It got great gas mileage felt solid on the road and just looked great . One of my favorite cars I’ve owned .

  8. Great episode. 2002 is a great car to modify. Timeless styling. YouTube is killing the fun of Jay's show with the commercials, and the same one over and over. Googoo is really trying to force us into the paid version. 👍 for Jay and Dorian.

    👎 to YooToob

  9. Nice car.
    I don't know if it's the video but the color from 1 angle seems to be Colorado-orange and from another angle it seems to be Inca-orange.
    So weird.

  10. Jay , I love watching your channel . I'll probably never own a cool car but it takes me back to when I was a kid and my older brothers and their buddies had muscle cars . It's the way you stand there , just engrossed in hot rod talk .

  11. Such a great video! Dorian’s build is definitely something special like all the other cars he has! 🍻

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