2 Chefs Try to Identify Spices by Taste | Sorted Food

Today we flip the script and put our chef Ben and guest chef James in the hot seat to guess some spice blends! It’s absolutely a competition and we haven’t made it easy for them!

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19 Replies to “2 Chefs Try to Identify Spices by Taste | Sorted Food”

  1. James self reporting that he doesn’t watch the channel anymore had me dying when it hits… not once but 2x

  2. Tbh, I honestly didn't know that sage made breakfast sausage taste like breakfast sausage until last year so…🙃

  3. Not necessarily spice blends but Australia has some amazing native spices that taste incredible. Like bush tomato, lemon myrtle, wattleseed and saltbush. There are plenty more, but they’re really delicious and perhaps unique considering bush tucker out here and it’s origins it’s definitely interesting. Worth a try!

  4. vegeta is like my #1, it has a lot of things that for sure they wouldn't guess unless they identified it!

  5. hey, can you make an OVERKILL episode where chef is given unlimited budget to create THE OVERKILL food and make us feel that uber delicious food feeling that we might never have… please?

  6. Would be good to mix in some common Hispanic and West African spice blends – in this case even the Caribbean one was from the Indian subcontinent! At least, do an adobo and a sazón from the Caribbean, and a suya would also be cool

  7. Me: I wonder if that's berbere.
    Mike: "Bear Bear"
    Me: huh, never heard of that one

  8. Alot of times from recipes from any part of Africa that traveled through the Caribbean were brought to the US back in the 1800s in the slave trade

  9. The Caribbean spice blends are heavily influenced by Indian spice blends and ingredients. For example, curried goat is a common dish in Jamaica, which has a massive Indian diaspora. That's why the spices are so similar, Ben! They came over starting in the 1870s as indentured workers for the various plantations.

  10. I like the thought of kush coming in like an unseen vengeful god to make the chefs sweat.

  11. I have an idea, why not pull out a Texas Smoke Rub, and challenge them to identify the spices used in general since smoke ribs will vary from smoker to smoker, and even more so depending on the wood

  12. I've got a an idea to expand on this " 2 Chefs Try to Identify Spices by Taste | Sorted Food " concept but include the audience and sell a mystery boxes with the spices chosen for the video & the audience can now experience the guessing/tasting and learning right alongside the chefs . at least for the foodies in your audience …. that may be inspired to become the future chef inspire a child ( with parental supervision before purchasing of course) ….. just a thought

    * 5/17/2022 *

  13. Pass It On Theme: Ebbers' Garden Path. Order and ingredients determined by Ebbers, but ingredients come in at the same time as the next chefs, when Ebbers thinks they should be used based on the remaining time. Ebbers watching and reacting the entire time.

  14. Love you all discuss Maharashtrian GODA Masala
    Tamilian Sambar and Rasam powder
    Karnataka Bisibelebath
    Keralaite erusari and pulisari blends
    Andra Pradesh gunpowder
    They all are from India especially South Indian basic powders receipes

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