Premiere Pro CS6 Techniques: 94 Time 3: Posterize Time The ‘Posterize Time’ effect can be used to set a frame rate for a piece of footage or a nested sequence. However, in this tutorial, Andrew Devis shows how to use it as a special effect to create dramatic looks for your footage or to give the impression that the footage was taken on an older camera which worked at a different (usually lower) frame rate. (Note: Although it is possible to animate this effect, it can cause unpred

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  1. I wonder if something similar to this is a thing in mobile video editors…..

  2. What is it called when you do that effect where you have all those frames on at once, and the previous frames fade out as it catches up to the final frame, kind of like what they used to do in skateboard/bmx magazines back in the day to depict a sequence. How do you do that effect in video?

  3. I would very rarely use, but interesting and well-explained as usual…

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