2 step wall flip tutorial – 3RUN

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2 Step Wallflip tutorial.
Performed and Narrated by Nathan Barris.
Filmed and edited by Cole Armitage
Produced by 3RUN MEDIA

29 Replies to “2 step wall flip tutorial – 3RUN”

  1. do i put my weak foot on the wall first or my strong? because i never could figure out the foot placement to have the balls to try it

  2. Im 14 years Old , Height 5'3 and Im a thin One , Can I Do It? I Just wanna Do It In My School and Get them All Shocked .. Just need some tips and motivation .. can anyone help me?

  3. Backflip is like 2x easyer cuz it requires alot less power to flip than the front,but it is more scary to try,best thing is to learn it into water,thats how i nailed it before i tried it on ground.

  4. Sorry chuck but i have to agree with Alina, backflips are much easier. The reason why I say this is because you can't see the ground before you land a front flip. It seems easier because you know where you are to begin with, which makes it less scary the first time you try it. If you have no fears about the first part of the backflip, landing it is much easier as you can see the ground and judge how quickly to rotate to have the perfect landing

  5. no u can learn what ever fucking flip you want front flips are just the least sketchy

  6. I think i'm gonna try what that guy did. If this gets 10 thumbs up I'll do it tomorrow and post a video. (fun way to push myself off the planche of fear??) lol

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