Magic Glos UV Resin and polymer clay

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Use Magic Glos UV curing resin as a waterproof, permanent and really cool way to embed items, create clear windows, and best of all- you’re able to bake it! For a very clear version of this video, visit!

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27 Replies to “Magic Glos UV Resin and polymer clay”

  1. I am glad that I watched your video because I did not know you could add Polymer Clay to it and bake it. I was afraid that the finish would crack during baking. So, with that in mind, I have a question about baking. Do you start off by placing your magic gloss/Polymer Clay piece in a cold oven or preheated oven. I have watched a few different artist who insist the project be placed in a cold oven and let it get to optimal temp gradually. I hope this is not a dumb ?, forgive me as I am clearly a newbie ! I had a nice labadorite cab that began to microfracture while polishing, so rather than waist a good cab trying to get a mirror finish by traditional lapidary means I placed two coats of magic gloss on it, curing in between coats, and the magic gloss filled in the tiny fracture and cured to an amazing wet look glass finish that enhanced the vibrancy of the natural stone. That is what I have used magic gloss for.
    Now that I didn't drill it I thought I would try out Polymer Clay and make a setting for it. As this would be my first Polymer Clay piece, I just want to be sure I do it correctly.
    Please let me know what you think about cold oven start vs preheated oven.
    I really appreciate your advice and I stoked to have found your YouTube channel. The more I watch the more I think about beginning a different artistry from traditional metal work to Polymer Clay !
    Thank you.
    Kindest regards,

  2. Is not working for me is sticky, I us the uv light for more of one hour, and is sticky, what can I do?

  3. You can pour the Magic Gloss into a silicone mold without any problems but you will have to do it in thin layers and build it up. I have never sanded the resin so not sure how that would come out, what would be the point of sanding it?

  4. I love this technique! Would it be possible to cut or heavily sand the magic gloss after curing? I wonder if it could be poured into a mold without adhering to a particular surface.

  5. We have not had this happen to us but maybe try doing thinner layers of the resin. If that doesn't work I would contact Lisa Pavelka for more suggestions.

  6. My question is this: Can this be used as a top coat resin on a baked polymer project?

  7. Amazing! Any idea how can I make a hole for a jewelry pin? I don't like the clay version too much. Can this stuff also be used in a mold?

  8. I like it but it takes a long time to cure, I have bright sunlight and a UV lamp & have had to do way more than 15 minutes and have had to do both … plus I am really not too sure that the magic gloss is not the same thing as the UV gel topcoat used for nails just without the low price or little brush… also thinking that because UV gel sells for $3 on ebay for 8oz & magic gloss sells for $10 for 1oz that I may just use that & wipe the sticky residue off the top with a little acetone

  9. That stuff is crazy awesome… It's amazing what we can do with plastics now days, isn't it?

  10. I love this resin! So far, I've used it to make make pendants and rings. There have been a few bubbles, but I let it set for about 5 min to let the bubbles float to the top, then pop them with a pin. I use packing tape to seal my paper images and I cure my pieces in direct sunlight in the Summers and I use a UV lamp for curing in the Winters when there's not much sunlight. This stuff is great! Thanks for the awesome vid!

  11. I want to print out images to use with the magic gloss. Do you know what I should seal the picture with cause decoupage doesn't work. It makes the gloss bead up

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