20 Dollar Tree FINDS you should BUY for MAY 2023 (home hacks & more)

Today I’m sharing new JACKPOT Dollar Tree finds from home decor to organization, toys and more, I’ve got a lot to share. You can find a bunch of Dollar Tree items for DIYS and your home right now! HOME HACKS, items to make simple DIYS, let’s go to the Dollar Store and see what’s new!

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20 Replies to “20 Dollar Tree FINDS you should BUY for MAY 2023 (home hacks & more)”

  1. Can't wait to find the butterfly solar lights and the round crystal lights. I've been going crazy looking for the pampas grass. Only found 1 mauve grass.

  2. Congrats to you, your man and your little man! Again, love how you keep it real! ????????☄️

  3. Another great video, thank-you! I will be on the look out for those toys, the playground set is so cute!

  4. Wow, sweetheart Bethany, you have a great sense of humor, and you make me laugh.
    What a beautiful family, God bless you all.
    My daughter, has been nursing her baby, and the nipples r so sensitive.
    Beautiful video, thanks for sharing.

  5. Those cups are huge but woukd be perfect to keep hydrated andvdrink enough water innthe summer time. I got one of them. Your kiddos are adorable. How us Cooper liking being a big brother?

  6. Wow! Hope our DTs get these items in soon. Your baby is so pretty. Does Noelle have a middle name?

  7. You're so cute Bethany!! Your Dollar Tree is much, much, nicer than mine. Great stuff you showed us all. 🙂

  8. Oh girl, you look adorable! My "baby" is 16.. BELLY masks.. NIPPLE BALM?? A COLD,Hard DIAPER CREAM APPLICATOR on the tiny teenie tushy?Noooo????! THAT'S crazier than the wipe warmer…do you wash it everytime as well as you'd wash your hands?? Lol. I never used "cream" unless the babies HAD a rash .. girls are diff, "less is more".. front to back..????..blah blah.. glad I dodged the cracked nipples..owie..make sure the girls are DRY ,as is ur bra before you get dressed..and that shes latching on correctly. I pumped a lot after I went back to 13 hr shifts in the hospital, and never had an issue-but aloe and vaseline are what other moms used.. 2nd baby is a completely diff game …
    Don't blink, before you know it you miss the baby hell stuff!! … lil kids, lil problems.Big kids, big problems…♡♡( and homework????) . congrats to you both♡♡

  9. Tip for bottles, put a small piece of plastic wrap on before you put the lid on, and then screw the lid on. Works every time.

  10. I got the Sea Turtle Tumbler. 75 oz! I leave it on the counter & go to it to get a drink rather than carrying it. The 1st time I tried to carry it, I dropped it & cracked the lid. Had to go back & get another one. I also got the large blue solar lantern.

  11. Congratulations to the both of you & your family!!????????????????God blessed always????????????

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