Botatouille Who?

@gidsgids wanted to make a dish that captures the spirit of “Food Wars” and Botatouille delivered super fluffy pancakes! Learn more about Tasty’s A.I. Chefbot Botatouille! Head to our link in bio to ask us a question or tell us what you would like to see as we build Botatouille

13 Replies to “Botatouille Who?”

  1. Testing it out sounds kinda fun, sure.

    Edit: I don't see the chatbot on the android app.

  2. what is the word butter chewie you are saying I couldn't get the correct word I will try the pancakes one day in this week can you put the app that supposed to down load. Thanks

  3. Am I the only one who removes the leftover sperm from the egg?


  4. Looks delicious! Is that drops of water before you cover?????????????????

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