2023 IKEA Shop with Me for SPRING (+ home decor haul!)

Come see what’s new at IKEA for Spring 2023 in this shop with me & IKEA haul video. ❤ Subscribe to my channel for more DIYs: http://youtube.com/thediymommy?sub_confirmation=1

You know IKEA is one of my favourite places to shop for budget friendly home decor, and today’s trip did NOT disappoint! I’m sharing all of my favourite finds from IKEA’s Spring 2023 collection with you today, and also showing which items I purchased and how I styled them in my home.

00:00 Intro
00:27 Shopping at IKEA Spring 2023
07:17 Styling items in our tiny rental
08:48 Styling items in our own home

I love all the rattan home decor accessories in IKEA’s new TOLKNING line: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/search/?q=tolkning
I also love all of the IKEA faux florals for Spring: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/search/?q=flowers
Cute nubby cushion covers: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/svartpoppel-cushion-cover-off-white-60543004/
Embroidered floral cushion: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/skuggnaeva-cushion-white-gray-50517784/
Oversized plant pot: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/chilipeppar-plant-pot-indoor-outdoor-beige-90535639/
Plant mister: https://www.ikea.com/ca/en/p/gradvis-plant-mister-clear-glass-gold-colour-00504604/

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26 Replies to “2023 IKEA Shop with Me for SPRING (+ home decor haul!)”

  1. Oh your fren may not be doing well because ferns don’t like direct sunlight.????

  2. I actually like an item you didn’t get, the odd shaped iridescent vases, and the pillow cover is really cute.

  3. Loved the hanging basket in your entryway! First time seeing a video of yours. I loved it. I’m subscribing ❤️

  4. I was born in the 70’s never liked the style at that time as I grew up, but now that they reintroduced it all with a modern touch it’s actually very nice. I love those baskets you put under the beds and the mister.

  5. What is the best/easiest way to keep my faux faux plants and flowers dust free? Thank you. I just found your channel. I’m really enjoying your content!

  6. I love the pot for your tree and seeing how you made it look more grand. Paint can idea is one I will be using. TFS!

  7. I really love those hydrangeas! I'm so ready for spring! (It's 70 in Texas, so I'm not complaining!)

  8. Christina…IF you choose to put linens and other items in baskets under bed for guests, I recommend you label the baskets identifying contents. Another suggestion…a foldable suitcase rack for OR foldable TV dinner tray, for guests to put a small suitcase, overnight bag, etc, etc. This is something missed when I stay overnight with family, friends. Off-the-floor space for items. Foldable help for tight-on-space rooms. As always…helpful video❣️ ????‍♀️????????????????????

  9. I lived through the 70s and had all those colors so I'm not doing it again. Green bathroom, gold bathroom, copper kitchen.

  10. I was just at an Ontario location last evening. Wait until you see the new Marimekko collaboration. Talk about eye popping colour!

  11. I feel your pain. We were in a dead freeze last week. Crazy cold ????. But your home looks beautiful and spring ready. And thanks for the Ikea peak. P.S. I agree those wasp pillows are creepy

  12. You’re calling that colour “mustard yellow”, but those of us who lived through the 70’s know, we KNOW, that it is actually “Harvest Gold”. As long as it just stays on a vase, I guess it’s ok. Harvest Gold appliances, never again.

  13. Love your ikea videos! You always have great ideas on how to use their products! Where are the purple pillows on your couch from?

  14. Yay!! Ikea????I've been eyeing the tolkning basket for a while now. Love it for the entry way!

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