Addressing My Most Controversial Interior Design Advice

In this video I go over some of my most controversial design advice to see if I changed my mind! Spoiler, I haven’t! ????

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⏱ Timestamps:
00:00 – Addressing My Most Controversial Interior Design Advice
00:43 – Ceiling Fans
03:16 – Farmhouse
06:30 – The Biggest Interior Design Mistake
09:04 – Hanging Curtains
11:58 – Pink
12:10 – Too Many Plants
14:28 – Carpet In Bedrooms
16:44 – Inflatable Holiday Decorations

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12 Replies to “Addressing My Most Controversial Interior Design Advice”

  1. I'm not confused straight Nick, I just can't stop looking at the CB2 clock that's on the right side of you.

  2. Nick, I think you’re great, love your honesty and your style….I think you’re wearing pink in this video to hit home your stance on hating pink. ???? just pointing it out. Again, love you.

  3. Well, sometimes what you say brings up some anxiety in me. Ugh, yes I know ceiling fans are odd looking, but they lessen your chances of getting mold in the house, so I’ll take them over mold. I have struggled to find attractive fans, but alas, there are none, just some that are the least ugly. I was able to kind of put that behind me and when u brought it up, I just groaned. Yes fans are ugly, even the modern ones, so some of my decor is therefore undeniably ugly. Thx for reminding me.

  4. Lol tell me why I have this man’s “setting the record straight” energy every day. The desire to be properly understood by dumb people is a curse.

  5. I agree with 98% of your opinions. I am a retired photo stylist and I live for your videos. People get butt hurt if someone suggests that their style is past its prime. Im here for it all.

  6. Hey, Nick. Can I not keep my inflatable decor and not care what you think??? ????
    Don’t have any inflatable decor. Don’t plan on getting any. ????

  7. I am so bad. I love the worst example of ceiling fans. but that really makes the point of being outdated. I love antiques and vintage.

  8. "I think houses should be built for humans and not necessarily for the plants that live in them too." ????????????

  9. Well said, Nick. Viewers need to realize that you offer excellent advice, suggestions and guidelines in Interior Design, not military rules. Keep on keeping on.

  10. You are a little beeitch, but you are our beeitch. Your opinion is always spot on.

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