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Today, I challenged myself to tackle my never-ending to-do list in just 24 hours! Join me as I take on the daunting task of redecorating, organizing, and cleaning up the messes in my home. I’ve set a goal for myself to check off as many items on my to-do list as possible within the time limit.

In this video, you’ll see me take on the challenge of decluttering and organizing my drawers and cupboards, getting to some overdue deep cleaning, and even adding some new decor to spice up my space now that my partner has moved in.

This video is perfect for anyone who wants to tackle their own to-do list but needs some inspiration and motivation to get started. Maybe try and pick a drawer and organize along side me, but instead of 24 hours, you can do it for 24 minutes!! 🙂

Toothbrush head holder – https://rstyle.me/cz-n/hnyz84b69f7
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Towels – http://bit.ly/3JfiTun
Home Depot App – https://bit.ly/3yzYlYP

0:00 – Intro
1:04 – tidying my closet area
1:46 – adding family photos around the house
5:34 – unboxing haul for my Mexico trip
7:54 – dinner time
8:44 – fixing the sink in my bathroom
9:59 – replacing my thermostat?
12:23 – fixing my bathroom fan
13:42 – cleaning my bathroom
15:33 – picking out new towels
16:32 – supply shopping and collecting
19:21 – hanging up wall art
19:56 – fixing and caulking my bathroom
21:43 – hanging up my vacuum
21:57 – Outro

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Edited by: Nick Liske & Justin Abalos

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Please note that we are not professionals and that all projects seen on our channel must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!

29 Replies to “24 HOUR CLEAN & DIY CHALLENGE”

  1. So excited for your trip to Mexico City! We just went for the first time in December. It is amazing, but a fairly mild climate. I think you might want to pack a bit warmer clothes. Have fun!!!

  2. Mexico city is WONDERFUL ! You're going to love it….just be careful crossing the street, driving is crazy there. Enjoy the tacos, but bring some immodium in case you get a bad taco….I speak from experience…it was not cute. DEFINITELY DEFINITELY DEFINITELY go to see Frida Kahlos Blue house just outside of Mexico City, the town square there is very nice. If you go to the nearby pyramid and plan on climbing it, where the right shoes, it's a STEEP climb. Safe travels !

  3. The emotional black and white outro had me cracking up while sharing a sweet potato with my dog. Chef's kiss ????????

  4. Using your finger on the caulk can encourage mould growth, try to use an icypole stick or caulk smoothing tool.

  5. what a phenomenal video! loved so many things about this! very real and relatable but also very well produced and super entertaining

  6. Can we just shoot jut your editor(s). Whoever it is, they are killing it. This episode and the one that looked like a skit from the office are chefskiss

  7. Well my husband got finally completed half of our galley kitchen done for 2023 ????. Now figuring out how to cut a hole in laminate for our sink.

  8. You’re going to be so disappointed on this but the weather in Mexico City has been CRAZY lately, however it’s not pool vibes at all ???? sadly.

  9. I died a little watching Kelsey pack summery and bikini things for not yet spring in CDMX because I did exactly that 3 years ago at this time and froze so hard I ended up wearing the Airbnb blanket out like a shall. I really enjoyed this video! I ordered from Threadup once and the order took FOR. EVER. like, weeks. Also also, I would normally gag at couples in bed shots, cuz I'm an ahole, but not with these two. Kelsey is somehow not ick as a partner. That is all.

  10. In Mexico or DF, as they call it (Federal District) be sure not to miss the archeological museum, and the colonial style quarters of Coyoacan (where Frida Kahlo’s and Trotsky’s homes are, the contrast could not be greater between the two) and San Angel, where you must check out the Bazaar flea market. Don’t wear jewelry or be too obviously a tourist. Make good Mexican friends. I did and they made my stay unforgettable. With love from Spain.

  11. Swimsuits for México city:
    Nah, not even a vibe; but some hotels do have nice pools and day passes for a fee, usually includes a drink ????

  12. I thought you bought that house as an invest, but looks like someone else is reaping the benefits. Girl don’t be no fool. ????

  13. Thank you for being real and showing your list, the speed bumps and weirdness of things fixing themselves—it’s nice to know that this is how it goes for other people too!

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