18 Replies to “3 "Alpha" Habits That Make You Look Low Status”

  1. Everyone keeps talking about being attractive/mysterious/wise… But no one ever explains at what situations/moments/persons should you act this way????????????‍♂️

  2. To be fair – that clip of Cruise vs. Matt Lauer – although Cruise came off as confrontational and threatening – he was 100% right about Ritalin. I recall seeing the interview when it aired and although I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan by any stretch…I applauded the stand he took with Lauer.

  3. Just an annotation : not all people are ok with being touched like that in conversation or at the beginning. There are many emotionally & physically traumatized people who would find that very aggressive. Even after much healing this type of behavior can still feel intrusive.

  4. What do you say/do to some as*wipe who says “Who Are You?!”, in a very douchy/a-hole way when you meet them, like you’re unworthy? Knock them out, pay a visit to their home late at night, key their car, or just laugh it off?

  5. To be fair to Jimmy, I'd be afraid to touch Conor McGregor, too.

    Remember, this was during the height of Conor's career in the ufc, and touching a fighter when they're not expecting it can lead to some blood being spilled at a bar if you catch my drift.

  6. Jimmy Fallon is such an uncomfortable beta weasel…

    I can't believe a dude so cringey and self-loathing made it so big.

    And it shines brightest whenever he's around confident men.

  7. I think that most powerful people (especially ones who rose to it through their careers) don't need these lessons since they had to intuitively follow at least some of these rules to get to power. It's people who are rising up, or aspire to positions of power that need these lessons since it's usually their insecurities that drive these negative behaviors. They are compensation for lack of actual power.

  8. What if I'm trying to change my bad side for the good, or I used to not be so charismatic but am changing, but people I know, friends, etc. still view and treat me the same. What do I do. Not that I am to worried about what they think.

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