That's Why Snakes Need Forked Tongues

Snakes! They look like an alien species, and some of the things they’re capable of will convince you they’re not from this planet! They see in infrared, they shed their skin, and have you seen that weird-looking tongue?

Snakes don’t use their tongue like we do. Think about it: you really don’t have time to taste something if you can only swallow food whole without chewing it. Instead of using it to taste, snakes smell with their tongues. That’s why they always flicker it in and out – they want to catch nano-particles in the air that will tell them if their prey or some kind of danger is nearby.

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Why do snakes have forked tongues? 0:23
Why don’t snakes have legs? 1:41
There are flying snakes! 2:14
Snakes don’t have eyelids 2:56
Why do they shed their skin? 3:33
Their vision is horrible 4:03
Infrared-sensing! 4:48
Why do cobras have hoods? 5:12
How do rattlesnakes make that noise with their tail? 5:56
Why do they hiss? 6:30
They move faster than the blink of an eye 7:19
Their jaws are like a trap 7:47

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– The fork allows snakes to sense a larger radius and know the direction the scent comes from. For example, if the smell is stronger for one part of the tongue and weaker for the other, then this smelly thing is closer to that first part.
– Many snake species still have rudimentary bones that leave no doubts – some time ago, they were legs!
– Somewhere in that same evolutionary process, some species aimed to become even more terrifying – they learned how to fly!
– Just like legs, snakes have decided they don’t need eyelids either. Why? Because their lookers are covered in scales too!
– Every animal in the world sheds its skin, including people. The only difference is that snakes do it all at once and in one big piece.
– Snakes can’t see colors at all. Most of them only see shapes, and the clearest shape for them is the one that’s moving.
– To make up for their horrible eyesight, snakes have a special “pit organ” near their nostrils that can sense heat radiation.
– The iconic cobra hood is made of ribs that extend out and sort of umbrella the loose skin on the sides of the snake’s neck?
– The real reason for the hiss – snakes don’t have vocal cords. They only have a glottis, which is a flap that closes and opens the windpipe so that food doesn’t go down the wrong tube when it’s swallowed.
– It takes you 200 milliseconds to blink. Sounds like a lot for such a simple movement, but you know how quick that is!
– A snake’s lower jaw isn’t attached to the upper part of the skull, which makes them highly flexible. They can open their mouth up to 150° and swallow prey that’s 5 times wider than their own body.

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21 Replies to “That's Why Snakes Need Forked Tongues”

  1. The cobra's venom spit doesn't come from their throat. It comes from the front of their fangs.

  2. I did learn that they smell with it but to detect danger that is new as well as bifurcation. Thanks for the tip

  3. Another error: 6:09 “the more rings the rattle of a snake has, the older it is”.

    Two reasons why it’s wrong:

    1. Snakes shed their skin multiple times a year. Meaning that a rattlesnake could have more rattles than another snake and be younger because it has shed its skin fewer times.
    2. Rattlesnakes can lose their rattles throughout their life. Either because of a predator or some accident.

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