3 Clever Methods for a Pest Free Garden

Don’t let pests be a problem in your garden, spend your time harvesting not dealing with issues!

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18 Replies to “3 Clever Methods for a Pest Free Garden”

  1. This was a great video as always! Thank you James and Tuck for all the wonderful pest prevention ideas! Gardening is the best therapeutic, I don't like using pesticides at all. We need to be good stewards and protect the bees and butterflies.

  2. Yo love the rock idea. It had me laughing but great idea! Keep growing. Give tuck a thumb up👍 from me.

  3. Hi James & Tuck, row covers are the ticket. I used your suggestion last year and put hoops on all of my raised beds. No bugs or pest. Thanks guys. 😊 ❤🥰

  4. Thank you for taking the time to share all of your hard earned knowledge. Your presentations are always top notch I really enjoy going with you around your garden. I have used so many of your helpful tips and continue to look for more, best wishes happy Spring!

  5. , I need to know we're you got that foil strip u show in the beginning to keep movement to keep animals away

  6. I sprinkle powdered garlic around my plants. It keeps those particularly tough grasshoppers, which we have in the Southern US, the Devil's Horse (Lubber), away. I buy it in bulk from close out stores, such as Ollie's. Otherwise, it would be too expensive, since depending on rain, I have to re-apply it every week or two.

  7. Moved to Iowa with my parents on The 10th month of last year and we have really late frost dates here. I am starting a garden this year so I hope every thing goes well hoping to grow cucumbers green beans peas and cauliflower

  8. Has anyone used copper wire(with 9v battery) around their beds for the slugs….?

  9. I've only see like 1 bee so far this spring, but lots of carpenter bees are in the garden.

  10. thanks for the info i live in the Caribbean i need some tips for cool weather crops

  11. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 hearts for tuck

  12. Man, I just live your vibe. Your videos always puts me in a better mood!

  13. Hi James! I recently asked an entomologist a question about attracting praying mantis and was told they are territorial and you'll only find one in your garden. They did not give a range. I assume the amount of praying mantis your garden can feed and otherwise support would tell you how many you can have. Can you tell us how many praying mantis you have seen in your garden in one timeframe? They couldn't tell me how to attract them. Any insight from your experience?

    Also, I wrote a lengthy guide on the squash vine borer. There is a link on my about page for you or anyone else interested.

    Thank you for the video!

  14. James this video is superb!! I am so glad that you gave us waaaay more than 3 tips and tricks. The red rocks for the birds was the most humorous and are literally FREE! Thanks for your valuable advice!💯💪

  15. Nice little shady spot you found, Tuck 💙
    Great tips, James, thanks!

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