20 Replies to “Nissan Frontier 2000 Timing Belt Change Part 2 of 4”

  1. Try using the impact in short bursts. Holding down the trigger causes the pressure to drop in the air hose. The hammering effect is greatest when you first pull the trigger.

  2. Thanks for the video. I did this trick to remove the bolt last night and nearly started the engine- had transmission fluid splatter underneath. What is the way to prevent the engine from starting?


  4. NO; the hole are already made by factory so you can put two screw tru and remove the wheel easier.

  5. I noticed you removed the crankshaft sprocket. Was that hard to do? Did you have to drill and tap holes to use a puller tool? Or were you able to just pry it off?

  6. look around you'll find project kits so it will come with all the seals you need and look what you have to remove and if you have high mileage and don't want to break every thing down to that point replace it just remember replacing alot can get expensive FAST

  7. ya breaking the harmonic balancer bolt lose is generally easier to do with the motor worked great on my 4.6 pretty well also

  8. I have this motor in my Nissan and would like to this mylself. What did you replace besides timing belt? I saw water pump, other belts and a gasket. Thank you for these uploads.

  9. How many miles should you drive before changing the belt? I see you went up to 140,000 is that ok?

  10. Just a tip, if you keep a foot or two of steel piping (roughly 1.5 inch-internal diameter), you can put it on the end of your breaker bar and it will increase your torque, it will keep you from having to crank the car and it will help when turning the motor over. And I have yet to have to break out air tools for my cars. Thanks for the vid!

  11. Nothing bad happened everything is good and the car is driving fine 🙂

  12. I'm sorry to hear that. What when wrong? What could you have done to avoid it?

  13. i just did the job and i was wrong with the plugs out the cams turn way easier and hit the pistons

  14. Yes, you probably right. I didn't want to remove more parts that I really need to do the job.

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