3 gardening tips #shorts #gardening #gardeningtips

Last year we grew 100+ kg of food in our garden using these tips (FULL VIDEO) – https://youtu.be/BBn5KENlVH8

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  1. As someone who studied agriculture and horticulture this is bs.. you csn do this 2/3 seasons max.! You need to put nutrition into the soil. You need to address micro nutrients ( zinc, sulphur, magnesium etc). You can get away with this for a few years but you will hit a brick wall. You need to sourse out fertilisers! You may see plants grow snd get fruits but your fields or land will never reach max potential. And if your self sustaining you need to be getting all you can from your land!

  2. Time and effort that goes into these videos makes your content superior to a lot of other creators, not that I’m trying to hate on others, I’m just appreciative of the work you do!

  3. Can you teach me garlic paste for garlic toast? I would love that thanks

  4. This guy was like an ex convict who decided to turn a new chapter in his life????

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