33 Everyday Objects Have Secrets But You've Failed to Pay Attention to

I bet there’re numerous everyday objects you’ve been using wrong! A lot of common objects have secrets we’ve all failed to pay attention to.
What are they? What is the pattern on Oreos? And why do eggs have blood in them? Here’re 33 hidden details you missed right before your eyes. ????

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, JUNE 15, 2015: The famous Oreo cookie. Produced by Nestle, Oreo cookies over white. Oreo is a sandwich cookie consisting of two chocolate wafers with cream filling: By eskaylim/Depositphotos.com, https://depositphotos.com/81884722/stock-photo-the-famous-oreo-cookie.html
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28 Replies to “33 Everyday Objects Have Secrets But You've Failed to Pay Attention to”

  1. Fun fact : The toyota symbol contains each alphabet from the word "toyota", those rings form all those alphabets

  2. 0:09 Oreos were a knockoff clone of the original cookie "hydrox" which was produced in 1908, when oreo started to pickup more sales than hydrox people started calling hydrox the ripoff of oreos.

    Oreos weren't "created" they were stolen. ????

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