4 Levels of Pigs In A Blanket: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

We challenged chefs of three different skill levels – amateur Stephen, home cook Daniel, and professional chef Danielle Alex – to prepare us their version of that perennial favorite party food, pigs in a blanket. Once each level of chef had presented their pastry-wrapped creation, we asked expert food scientist Rose to explain the choices each made along the way – both good and bad (looking at you, Stephen’s carrots…) Which little piggy are you staying home with?

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21 Replies to “4 Levels of Pigs In A Blanket: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious”

  1. Steven is so chilled. He is like 'go ahead & take a thousand years to make these pigs in a blanket, but… In a few minutes, Imma be eating mine.' ????????????????

  2. arbt these toad in the hole?? i thoight pigs in blankets were sausage wrapped in bacon??

  3. I'm pretty sure there are atleast 3 counties in the US you can be arrested for using carrots in pigs in a blanket ????

  4. This is very confusing? It looks like they all made sausage rolls with no bacon in sight?

  5. I know that this version of pigs in a blanket is older than our version of pigs in blankets (that would have been a much shorter video too), but as a Brit this is genuinely more similar to a sausage roll. Especially when using a puff pastry. Side note, would love to see an American be handed a recipe for sausage rolls and make them without knowing what they're making, see what happens!

  6. As a Brit I got confused as that’s no what we call pigs n blankets

  7. You couldn't find a level 1 chef that would assist in the killing of delicious animals?

  8. Pigs in a blanket should be made with some type of pork product not a carrot. Just my opinion.

  9. None of them deigned to make actual pigs in a blanket. If there is not a hot dog in the center, it ain't pigs in a blanket.

  10. Trash…. Lit'l smokies and Pillsbury croissant wreck all of these. Esp vs the carrots….. Ugh

  11. Pigs in blankets is a sausage wrapped in streaky bacon, what these people are making as we British know is a sausage roll

  12. Surprised he didn't use vegan breakfast sausage by Yves my brother loves those when the rest of family has bacon or sausage

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