Don’t make these 4 mistakes when tightening up and working on compression fittings on copper and plastic pipe.
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21 Replies to “4 MISTAKES Everyone Makes When Using COMPRESSION FITTINGS”

  1. Hope you all enjoyed this video and learned a bit! Next Locals Ale Army live stream this Thursday.
    ???? Livestreams|Behind the Scenes|Exclusive content https://plumberparts.locals.com/support/promo/PLUMB1M

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  2. Well I managed 2 of the mistakes fitting a sink at the weekend. Noticed a drip on the floor today and then saw this video. I'll be taking it apart and refitting at the weekend, cheers for the tips????

  3. I had recently changed the bathroom sink and tap but found that the copper pipes were angled and i didnt like how the braided tubes for the taps were bent around to suit the new tap location. So i changed it to nice straight lengths of copper pipe, brand new olives and fittings etc. I sent a pic to the plumber just to show if ive done the right thing (he is a friend as well just to see if ive done it all right) and I said i also used the fernox potable water jointing compound around the thread and also on the olive and he said I didn't need to use it at all because it was new fittings and to not really use it for new fittings.

    Just wondering if this is the case for any plumbers here? Like is it only for use on an existing fitting thats been fitted and is causing a leak, is it bad to use it on new fittings?

    I personally found it good to use because of the way everything was awkward to get to, it was easier to apply this than to wrap around tape and when tightening the fitting it seemed to then unscrew the connections to the tap that could only be screwed in by hand! So the compound helped me not have to tighten everything super tight, also as a diyer it takes a while to know when enough tightening is enough so its a slightly few less turns with the stuff applied to give it a watertight seal, making it ok to give it a bit more welly if needed instead of overtightening.

    I wanted to do it right as I had caused a massive leak before with the connections to the bath taps, I overtightened the speedfit to metal thread connection and it eventually cracked after a few months, water pouring downstairs XD
    So since then ive avoided eBay taps and overtightening lol

  4. I thought jointing compound was for use with hemp and thread, not for olives!

  5. A few spots of grease on the nut threads will make it easier to do up accurately. About 1/4 turn to tighten and same again to compress the olive, stop if/when it squeaks. Oooops you forgot to mention the "Slim Jim" spanner many fittings require.

  6. So, essentially, you use the jointing compound as a lubricant. A bit of spit or washing up liquid will have the same effect and won't be a PITA if you want to reuse the fitting sometime or fit a new olive. I would never use jointing compound on a compression fitting.

  7. Good tips, you say not to put PTFE on he thread, I've always put 2 turns of tape on the thread as a lubricant. The squeeking sound you mention earlier is the 'brass' threads galling against each other creating friction. PTFE prevents this, makes tightening easier.

  8. You put the tape on the right way round. You don't need jointing paste on copper either, it's for steel.????

  9. Hi Jim Bo just a random question. have you painted your loft hatch yet in your house?????????????

  10. With particular reference to gas – compression fitting where used must be ‘accessible’ ie not hidden within boxing or under floorboards etc.

    Where they are used say pipe work serving a hob, the compression joint must be done dry from what I was taught in my gas course. Reason being a joint done with paste may well pass the tightness test at the time or work but may cause a leak later on where the paste was actually filling in a leak and the paste has dried out etc over time

  11. Another tip, don't run your finger along/around the end of a freshly cut copper pipe. It will slice you open like a razor blade

  12. Top tips from Mr pipe man himself! I keep telling the Mrs, it’s essential to have some pipe lubricant next to the bed, for emergency plumbing situations!????

  13. A compression joint gets its seal from compression. That squeak is exactly what you want to hear, its the sound of metal biting into metal. Compressing!!

  14. Just found your channel and started watching, you give good advise and are quite entertaining but I was a bit confused at first cos I thought Bradley Walsh had his own plumbing channel.

  15. Sorry, I had to stop this at 2:18 a compression joint shouldn't need any additional leak sealing product. If you properly assemble a mechanical joint it will be leak free. I have assembled many high compression fittings with compression joints (i.e in excess of 200bar) and they've been leak free!

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