How Much Slime Will Break the Mixer?

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27 Replies to “How Much Slime Will Break the Mixer?”

  1. How do you say the question how much is the baby axolotl slime I’m trying to buy it but I can’t let my mom know because I spend my money on stuff that I do a hard work on and she doesn’t like it so can you please tell me please I’m looking to buy it

  2. Hi I was wondering if you could add in an extra slime for Stacey Belisle because my mom bought two slimes for my cousin and won’t get me one for my birthday ????if you can’t that’s ok I LOVE your videos and is subscribe

  3. Day seven of asking mix glue shaving gel and eye contact solution I'm subbed and have 3 of ur slimes

  4. A scent idea for the dust bunny slime from the last video:CLEAN LAUNDRY SHEETS.

  5. Him waking up:I am going to get fired by breaking something in the warehouse and record it

  6. Day two of asking if you can put a whole bucket of pigment in one slime batch

  7. Hey Siri, I just go to you but close slime, Nick cloud and there’s like color to make a cloud slime natures 9 inch guys

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