$40 Craigslist Flat File to $2000 Heirloom Cabinet

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This week I’m building the ultimate Glowforge cabinet out of and old flat file I found on Craigslist. With materials being so expensive, I’m trying to up-cycle as much as I can for the furniture in my office.

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22 Replies to “$40 Craigslist Flat File to $2000 Heirloom Cabinet”

  1. Very nicely done.

    I'd be interested in plans for a cabinet along the lines of this one, as I've never found anything salvage near this design, and would definitely be tempted to build one for my shop space.

  2. Honestly, the off cut cabinet still has potential for things like hand tools, rulers, etc :p

  3. I love the thin drawers, even for a garage shop you can store so much inside them. Love the beauty that the trim and walnut plus the brass pulls and labels give to this piece that was originally someone’s junk 😉 it certainly isn’t junk anymore! Can’t wait for more dream office organization builds 👏🏽 or whatever it is you’re working on right now

  4. @24:05 TFW a $40 beat up shop furniture tuns into a piece that looks better than anything you have in your house! 😂 Kudos to you! And @12:48 that edge banding cutting advice is so obvious when you said it. But I never thought about it. TY.

  5. There are so many woodworking YouTube channels. But none of them come remotely close to your design esthetic. Incredible work!

  6. When you cut the chest, why not removing the front 10 inches? That way you keep the back (that keeps the squareness) an get rid of the chipped out front with the slot for the T trim.

  7. It all worked out despite the hiccups and looks decent.
    The "$2000.00 heirloom" thing….
    hardly. Only in the mind of youtube's "hype it up for new subscribers" bullshit algorithms. Hopefully not in yours.

  8. I stand by my suggestion of Alfab Midcentury Model Railroad Building Kits. They'll sell like hotcakes 🙂

  9. Great job on the build! It looks amazing! Great to see you repurpose and up cycle the old flat file cabinet. As you mentioned, with the cost of materials and to reduce waste, it can be a great solution, especially for shop storage and office furniture. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the glowforge!

  10. Great job on repurposing the old unit with a nice facelift. Looks great, plans would be nice to have because I have been wanting a flat file to store my work.

  11. I also live in the greater Seattle area. Do you buy walnut plywood locally or do you order it?

  12. Amazing work as always. Super pumped to see what new wrinkles the Glowforge will add to your project! You’re an amazing artist and builder, man.

  13. why did I find it so funny that you found the tiny draws so funny – thanks for the chuckle – mad piece too. 🇦🇺

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