I Recreated $200 Nails for CHEAP (Nail Salon vs At Home)

In this video I recreate an expensive nail design at home for cheap. This nail design is from @dejauwo on Instagram.

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This video is sponsored by Makartt. All opinions are honest and my own.

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14 Replies to “I Recreated $200 Nails for CHEAP (Nail Salon vs At Home)”

  1. I know that this is someone else's design but you did absolutely amazing 👏 ❤

  2. For the third nail I would hav done clear first as a base for the whole nail then done that nude nail bed bit after the clear

  3. I’ve been so obsessed with you and Anna acrylics you guys are so pretty your voice is cute I love the way you dress your make up and your nails girl you’re lucky to have that talent

  4. I’m self taught and I have a question I hope someone can answer for me all my gel nail techs out here if you make a mistake on a design or just in general when doin nails is it better to use alcohol over acetone?

    And I use alcohol personally but if I’m doing the wrong thang pls give me sum advice okkkay I’m takin it lol I ain’t in school yet jus a girl who loves her some nails💅

  5. Why i got uber hyper when you put that 2022 on the nail.. I was like I see it.. I see the vision and it works .. cuuuuttteee.. excellent job.. for real 👏🏾👏🏾

  6. Evie, you are so cute. I love watching your videos. You made me laugh when you said you wouldn't be changing any diapers. I'm so glad I found your channel.

  7. On the floating nail, if you look at the picture she probably used a bridge technique to appear that the nail is actually floating but is attached in the middle with the chain on top of it.

  8. I like the flowers, I'm a novice but ambitious lol so imma attempt some with polygel

  9. It looks good to me lol mine definitely wouldn’t have even been close 🥴🤣👏🏾💪🏾

  10. I've been binge watching alot of nail videos n finally purchased my 1st acrylic set after very few attempts with polygel 😅. Can't wait to try it out

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