40 Minute Glute Band Butt Workout | STF 2023 – Day 18

Welcome to SUMMERTIME FINE 2023 DAY 18! 47 Workouts left in our program! All fitness levels are welcome for this workout! SUBSCRIBE to the channel and share this workout when you’re done!

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This workout is such a great lower body workout to help you get low and target your legs and glutes! We will work for 2 rounds of each exercise for 60 seconds each and we will be operating in supersets so there will be no rest between the exercises until after you complete them both. After those 2 minutes of work we will have a 15 second break and after the second round of those two moves you will have a longer break. Grab water, watch for what’s next, and work hard!!

The Exercises:
1. Goblet Squat
2. Standing Lateral Lift
3. RDL
4. Back squat pulse out at bottom
5. Side Step Squats
6. Glute Bridge
7. Fire Hydrant
8. Kneeling kickback
9. Yoga Block Squat

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30 Replies to “40 Minute Glute Band Butt Workout | STF 2023 – Day 18”

  1. Been a busy week and got a little behind with the workout:( but Dedication and hard work always wins ????

  2. Good evening! I did the workout after my orthopedic appointment this afternoon. I received my Arizona brace for my right foot. I was tired for personal reasons. I’m going to take care of myself tonight.

  3. One word….OUCH!!!! Lol Even though my old injured knee flaked put on me a couple times i had to take breaks after sets ( a little long then 15 seconds) So in stead of 40 mins it took me an hour lol Still main thing is I did it. Your all wonderful and beautiful. ❤????

  4. Motivation wasn’t that great but dedication ???? and feeling amazing afterwards just feeling a little tired and blah today! So worth it!!

  5. Thanks Sidney ❤Can I ask you more Pilates workout or bodyweight workout? Thanksbfor your job❤❤❤

  6. Yes who wouldn't want to travel with this one. It was such a great workout for the glutes and of course I got a little movement for my quads. Thank you Sydney for an amazing workout like this. I love the variety and long periods to focus on my muscles. Feel amazing now.

  7. This was tough! My body is trying to get used to the time zone after being on my honeymoon and being 4 hours behind my normal time. My bones have been hurting today ( thought maybe coved but tested negative). I think my body is just trying to get back to normal after all the travel. But I completed this workout

  8. My bootay!! ???? Wow! I waited to read comments today.. I'm happy I did cuz I was in my own brain today. And seeing a lot of others feeling the same way. Glad I pushed play & Proud of everyone for crushin it through!! ???? And thank you Sydney for being the best!! ????????

  9. Holy hiney!???? I was in the middle on motivation, but I feel so glad I did it!

  10. Whew!! I'm going to feel this in the morning. Day 18 has been crushed!! Thank you for another great workout!!????????????

  11. Es alentador saber que no soy la única que pasa por ese momento … de querer hasta tierar la toalla… pero siempre es reconfortante llegar al final.???? si se pudo

  12. I felt like crap and had like negative motivation after a high stress workday, but I'm so proud of myself for doing the thing. I feel ???? better.

  13. You got this mama!!! Thanks for another great workout! And thanks for switching up the music today – much more pleasant to work out with. ☀️☀️☀️

  14. Omg! This was something! There were times I was crying out in pain, but couldn’t believe I did it! Thank you so much for your motivation, it keeps me going. You are amazing!❤

  15. I wasn't very motivated, but I decided to push play since I didn't think I'd have the energy after work. I'm glad I did. I got a good burn and feel much better!

  16. WHOO! THIS WAS ANOTHER INCREDIBLE ONE!! ???????? FEELIN GOOD FOR THE SUMMER BABY!! ???????????????????????????? YES IT WAS WORTH IT!! ????????

  17. Whew I felt this one so much! Been loving this summer time fine program – let’s get it ????

  18. I had to do this workout late afternoon today. I definitely wasn't missing it. I love Glute bands and Yoga blocks. I do feel 100% better making sure I got this done. Happy Wednesday to all.????

  19. Wooo what a burn!!! Didn't even have a glute band but it got my glutes ACTIVATED!!

  20. Thank you Sydney!!! I was glad to have a "MOM" (mind on muscle) workout today after yesterday's Rockette Audition workout. I enjoyed this one!

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