A Japanese Watch Dealer Sent Me Their Best-Seller…Is It Really THAT Good?

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A Japanese watch dealer sent me their best-selling watch, should you buy one, even if it means importing it? In this Casio Lineage chronograph review video, I analyze the Casio LIW-M700D-1AJF, to see how it stacks up. Is the LIW-M700 better than the titanium watch I covered previously? Is Japan the GOAT for affordable watches?

Discovery Japan provided the watch review sample for this video. They had no creative control over this content whatsoever and did not approve it before publishing.
Their website: https://www.discovery-japan.me/dosearch?c1=Watches&c2=Men%27s

???? WATCHES FEATURED (Affiliate)
Casio LIW-M700D Chronograph ➡ https://partner.discovery-japan.me/products/?affID=0075408&pid=2090
Casio LCW-M100TSE Titanium ➡ https://partner.discovery-japan.me/products/?affID=0075408&pid=2084
More Discovery Japan Watches ➡ https://www.discovery-japan.me/dosearch?c1=Watches&c2=Men%27s

???? Chapters
0:00 A Japanese Secret
0:19 What Are JDM Watches?
0:54 How To Buy JDM Watches
1:19 Spaghetti Scameti Is Better Than Rolex
2:28 Unboxing
2:41 Their Best-Selling Watch
3:56 Case
4:36 Water Resistance
4:55 Functions List
5:06 Sizing
5:41 Bracelet
6:40 Design
7:20 Dial
8:41 Basic Operation/Quick-Start Guide
9:45 Movement…wait, what?
10:08 What makes this watch so popular?

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20 Replies to “A Japanese Watch Dealer Sent Me Their Best-Seller…Is It Really THAT Good?”

  1. Interesting watch but looks really similar to some JDM Citizen models – and I'm not sure I'd take he casio over the Citizen as the eco drive is superb. Cool to see what is popular though, cheers Ben

  2. Discovery Japan do have a huge selection of watches but prices are higher than Japan Select for example and descriptions of a products just horrible.
    PS. Video great as always.

  3. I’m so sorry but for now. All Casios are digital ones. Something with the LSD display using less power than hands going around. Plus it’s the crystal digital watches is amazing value for the price. Not saying Casio could bump up the price. But hey I’m not complaining lol

  4. Unfortunatelly, radio controlled watches do not function in Greece. No atomic clock signal in Greece.

  5. ????casio got confused in thr own num system..ltr they realised we made a twins???? by different ref numbers , but don't worry they hits the second marks,????????

  6. Love the floating dial effect. Seeing it more often now which is only a good thing in my eyes. I really need to get myself into the JD market

  7. I find it so frustrating that Citizen has some of their best watches in Japan. Their USA selection seems cheapened in comparison. Perhaps that's what they think of USA watch buyers ???? That said I love my Garisson titanium, Tudor Ranger vibes (yes I know it does not compare, it's more accurate lol jk jk)

  8. I found this exact model a year ago. However, I am worried about additional fees for importing into the EU. I also don't like that the hands are so short. Just look at how far the hour hand is from the marks ????

  9. I've never had misalignment issues with any of my casios edifice/G. Sorry buddy, a really nice watch though..

  10. I bought this a few weeks ago and absolutely love it.
    Whilst it may not completely stand-out, I'm fine with that.
    I live in Birmingham, UK, a place where stand-out gets you robbed ????

  11. Oh, I like this one! Thanks for the honest review, pity that misaligned hour hand though. Not expensive considering what you get, but I already have quite a few watches that my wrists are used to and look just as good or better.

  12. Citizen consistently has two hole micro-adjustments. I can't get get these bands to fit, no matter what I do. How clueless can these designers be?

  13. Ok between you and mad watch collector im gonna have to check out watch crunch.

  14. There's so many amazing JDM watches available to import and you have decided to show people that dont know yet about the Japanese exclusives this mediocre release?

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