40 Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve in a Pinch

It’s the mildly infuriating situations you meet every single day that make you wish you knew a life hack for that! How to quickly clean up spilled wax, how to keep your phone charger wire from breaking, how to keep a bandaid on your finger, how to separate egg yolks quickly and easily. There are so many daily mysteries out there! But I’ve got a list of time-saving and money-saving tips and lifehacks that actually work!


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27 Replies to “40 Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve in a Pinch”

  1. for the wax one you can just smash it with your finger

  2. Great hacks but l have another one to save coins when you go shoping you can put the lock from the other cart in and the coin should come of

  3. "you don't actually eat food in the computer, do you?"
    me: *eating cake rn while using my com

  4. 3:16 then what if you dont have spaghetti we use noodles ????????????????

    le bright side : 40 Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve in a Pinch
    p-2 use noodles if u dont have spaghetti

  5. If a tea bag removes the smell from shoes does that mean it would do the same for smelly breath

  6. Bro I just hold the candle upside down and light it that way

  7. No pit the box down open the door pick the box and go then put it down and close the door then done

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