DIY Hand Math Numbers Multiplication

How to do hand and finger numbers multiplication. This maths trick uses your hands to help with more complicated multiplication of single digit number times tables. For more complex multiplications, use this technique:

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26 Replies to “DIY Hand Math Numbers Multiplication”

  1. For the 9 times table say the question is 7×9
    You put your 7th finger down and the amount fingers up on the left is the firts digit and the amount on the left is the second didgit

  2. My dad showed me a way like 9×9
    So if you leav 4 thingers on both of your hands count them ans then you have 8 and then times the thumbnail it would make 1
    So the answer is 81
    He showed me this a long time ago ????

  3. Thus still requires you to know some multiplication though lol SO JUST MEMORIZE THEM

  4. I mean, it's interesting how it works, but I can just do the math quicker In my head, or with a price of paper.

  5. wait, people cannot multiply single digit numbers?
    SMH, really …seriouslt, REALLY?

  6. While this is definitely cool. It's just as easy to actually memorize it.

  7. Thank you sooo much you have no idea how much this means to me you made my life just so much easier thank you so much this is amazing ???? and for me it’s just so much easier to memorize them this way it’s just so much easier just so much easier this just made my life so much better thank you


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