$400K Midcentury Hilltop Home Reno for a BIG Profit | Flip or Flop | HGTV

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a midcentury house in La Habra, CA, that is towards the top of a hill. The margin is tight on this home so they need to get in and out quickly to maximize profits. The neighborhood calls for high design and they need to deliver if they want to sell this house for top dollar.

Flipping team Tarek and Christina have viewers on the edge of their seats as they purchase dilapidated properties for cash, sometimes sight unseen, and then renovate and flip them for resale. From the nail-biting purchase at auction, to the sometimes-exasperating renovations, discouraging showings and exhilarating sale, will they Flip or Flop?
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$400K Midcentury Hilltop Home Reno for a BIG Profit | Flip or Flop | HGTV

11 Replies to “$400K Midcentury Hilltop Home Reno for a BIG Profit | Flip or Flop | HGTV”

  1. Considering all of the magic they've performed, you'd think they could have added a shower. There isn't a buyer out there who wouldn't be disappointed with that. Just imagine that couple having to go into the girls' bathroom to shower every day. Nope.

    It was a MAJOR improvement though.

  2. Lmao Christina with her burberry shirt 'I need to go home and burn my clothes' hahahahahaha!

  3. Ib my opinion, why don't create full masterbath than half bath and closet? I mean the master bed not quite big but i think there still have a space for put wardrobe. I believe that gone be better and atrack more buyers.

  4. What I really dislike… You just walk right in the living space… No entryway…

  5. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior. Growing money is knowledge…..

  6. I missed how they calculate the selling price and how much it sold for. I am not crazy about the browns. It puts me straight back into the 80's.

  7. I'm sorry but anyone who would pay a million dollars for such a tiny house is ridiculous. California is ridiculously expensive. You'd have to PAY ME to even consider living there.

  8. Can’t believe you couldn’t of squeezed a shower in the master bathroom somehow. You’re usually very creative that way.

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