Why everyone's buying thrift store wicker baskets! (STUNNING!)

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14 Replies to “Why everyone's buying thrift store wicker baskets! (STUNNING!)”

  1. I like these videos, but kind of wish they’d stick to one theme or topic for each video.

  2. I thought I was the only to shop for them at thrift stores, I love the natural colors and just arrange them.on my walls for that boho look

  3. Some of these commenters love to steal ideas and have nothing to work with. I enjoy your talents and watching y'all make different things. Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Stay away from thrift stores. Them bedbugs follow you home and take over ????‍♀️

  5. I prefer the naturalness of the basket and saving our atmosphere by not spraying.

  6. cute ideas but only two basket projects and they were the same thing…paint a basket. this is disappointing.

  7. Please stop having titles of your videos that only include the first video clip! If someone wants to find a video on making a window into a photo gallery, this is not the video they will click on! Or how to make a table top for a foldable table. One video clip about baskets and everything else is about furniture! Some good ideas, some new, many old.

  8. Lots of great tutorials in this one but I need to see the full tutorial on some of them

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