How to know if you have a vitamin deficiency? It can lead to many health problems. Without vitamins, we feel weak and apathetic and become an easy target for various viruses. All you need to do to determine if you’re getting enough vitamins is look in the mirror. The vitamin deficiency is usually literally written on your face. You can carry out your check-up while you’re watching this video.

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Pale skin 0:42
Puffy eyes 1:27
Colorless lips 2:01
Bleeding gums 2:38
Dry hair 3:23

– Few people can boast of having a tan year round. But if your skin has become completely white compared to how you usually look, this is a sign that you need vitamin B12.
– If you’ve noticed puffiness around your eyes and in your limbs, your body might be lacking iodine. Other signs that you have a lack of this nutrient are chronic fatigue, drowsiness, dry skin, and weight gain.
– Pale lips can be a sign that a person lacks iron. Low arterial pressure and regular colds can be further signs of this.
– Bleeding gums can indicate a lack of vitamin C. A reduced amount of this can lead to weak immunity, muscle pain, and problems with teeth.
– Dry, brittle hair covered in a significant amount of dandruff could be a sign that you lack biotin, known as vitamin B7. This is often the result of using antibiotics.

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  1. After watching this video, I've come to a conclusion that I need to sleep early, wake up early and start excercising

  2. I have brown skin and on both my cheeks they are slightly more pale. Would I need vitamin B-12 Or is this another issue. Btw i dont have any other pale areas.

  3. Very fun enjoyable and easy understanding ???????? thanks for giving us a valuable time spending ????

  4. Hey I have vitamin D vitamin B is my best friend I get it from the sun the sun is my favourite because it appears hot in summer

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