It's Who We Are: Amanda Higgins

Amanda Higgins – It’s Who We Are: Black Rifle Coffee Company

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“It’s Who We Are” honors the stories of it’s employees that make up the fabric of Black Rifle Coffee. In this second episode we take a look at our Director of Roasting, Amanda Higgins. This is her story. This is Who We Are.

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28 Replies to “It's Who We Are: Amanda Higgins”

  1. She just throws in, completely deadpan that she and her squadron mates buzzed insurgents 70 feet off the ground at 600+mph when the area had too many civilians to use weapons as if it was another day at the office, and leaves it to us to figure out the unfathomable amount of courage that must have required. I did not scroll all the comments, but I did not see anyone else comment on that. I was hoping I would be the only one that slow on the uptake (I've seen this video 3-4t times in the last few years and it did not dawn on me until recently)

  2. "I flew F15 strike eagles"

    Bitch please. You were the WSO, you were a passenger. The only handle back there is the ejection handle. You did a bunch of math and radio tuning while your pilot flew the aircraft.

    That being said, thank you for your service. ❤️

  3. I know exactly how f'ing loud that flyover is. The pilots used to, I'm convinced; purposely fly over and hit the burners right over our heads every day in Ballad.

  4. I've watched this video… I dunno how many times…. and still, "Warheads on foreheads" makes me laugh

  5. DCS is coming out with the F-15 Strike Eagle It would be cool to see you try out the plane. still haven't released but, maybe by end of this year hopefully or couple of months

  6. Ma’am, I’ve been a Strike Eagle Spec since I graduated Tech School in 2003. My first station was Shady J. From 03-07 as a part of the 333d. Seeing an Eagle Driver as a part of this kick ass company always brings a smile to my face. (And the coffee is awesome too) I’m about to hit 19 years in and am about to hit the big retirement button. I hope that we may have crossed paths at some point all those years ago, and the maintenance I provided helped to get you to where you are today.

  7. As an airman who worked the deck of a carrier, the guys on rooftops likely had to put thier hands over their ears. That shit is loud. Should load blanks for a situation like that. An F-15 flying 70' over your head AND thinking it's unloading on you would make you shit your pants.

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