5 Ways To Look EFFORTLESSLY Stylish Over 40

Today we’re talking about a few different ways you can look Effortlessly Stylish!
Mentioned in this video:
Frey Wrinkle Releaser Spray – https://amzn.to/3jYCFzp
How to Wear Brown – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Obqcumpk8C4&t=299s
Canva Color Wheel – https://www.canva.com/colors/color-wheel/

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29 Replies to “5 Ways To Look EFFORTLESSLY Stylish Over 40”

  1. I'm a little overweight. You're advised help me to make improve in my live. My goal is to make that change..🙌🙌

  2. Hi John, Im filipino and our country (philippines) is tropical..most of your outfit is suitable to our climate like polos and sneakers and tshirt and sneakers..jackets and suits would depend if its a formal occasion like wedding…and jackets when we go places high in the mountains. maybe you can do a feature of just tshirt and sneakers and polos and sneakers for the city street look..im sure a lot of asians are also following your channel. thanks and more power to your channel..i do love your outfits..im a dad and over 50..and i like to look properly dressed all the time..and by the way im trying to loose those little fat coz you have a very well fit body. i hope i can pull off most of what you wear..i know…fit is king…does loafers look proper w tshirts? what are your recommendations..thanks and God Bless

  3. Legend
    a copycat. Yes, I am copying your hairstyle for 2022 !! Thank you

  4. That’s what I’ve been doing today “ironing” it’s a thing I hate doing 🙁

  5. Not a guy, John, but subscribed to your channel. Thank you for all that you do. Please keep it up😊!

  6. What’s your view on Double Denim . Personally it looks like a Mexican suit ?

  7. Hiya from England

    From a women's perspective its all about 'standing out in a crowd' How would this be achieved in my own opinion and these are not in any particular order

    1st – To be able to invest in well made bespoke shirts like Turnball and Asser
    2nd – To be able to invest in well made bespoke suites – savile row designers i love prince of wales check
    3rd – to be able to invest in well made bespoke shoes. I always look at a man and see the shoes he wears – i think they 'top off any outfit'
    4th – have the right casual jacket to connect with your shirt and trousers BUT NO JEANS
    5th – make sure your general appearance is good. -hair cut and beard is in order

    Trainers or sneakers are in my book a DEFINITE NO NO.

  8. Excellent advice from a woman:

    I’m a woman and I can’t tell you how many men are out of the game because they refuse to style themselves. Instant no thanks for many women. Get your hair cut regularly. Keep your teeth clean. Never wear worn out or over worn shoes. Throw out the Levi’s and sneakers look. 80’s is gag. Get a modern hairstyle. Get modern clothes and adopt a classy hobby. Update your home decor too. Learn about wine and good music. Quit being cheap. No woman stays with a cheap tight ass. COMPLETE turn off. You withholding money is like a woman withholding sex. So loosen your grip and stop being a miser. If you have not done these things yet for yourself then you’ll stay single and alone in a recliner the rest of your life eating TV dinners and watching SNL as your weekend fun. Guaranteed. And stop being a dork, petty and immature. Grow the hell up already, everyone else is. Stop acting spoiled and childish with selfish behaviors. Learn how to be a man. Not a millennial man, but an old fashioned man’s man and man up! Women are wondering where all the men have gone these days.

    That’s my loving and straight to the point advice for anyone who WANTS to see change in their life. 😉❤️💋

  9. Thank you for mentioning wide shoes…a forgotten handicap in the fashion world. Been having good luck with Rockport for the shoes that less of a staple in my collection.

  10. Great tips! Didn't know about the Frey spray, I use the dryer – I'll give it a try.

  11. Here’s something else ALL men should think about …. getting a bimonthly MANICURE! Think about it … we use our hands to greet others (a wave or personal handshake) and we use them to jot down notes in a meeting. Nothing worse than ratty ass chewed up nails and tearing cuticles! Also on the subject of shoes … if they’re able to be polished, LEEP THEM POLISHED and don’t forget to check the heels. Replace them as soon as they start to wear down. You can be dressed from hair down but if shoes aren’t given attention, they can negate any hard work into looking stylish. If you’re wearing sandals/flip flops and your heals have built up callouses and your nails are ratty … yup … it’s pedicure time!

  12. Is there t shirt brand that fits someone with wide shoulders but not that big on stomach… all my t look too baggy or too short

  13. The black, white and brown sneakers look amazing! What brands are they?

  14. Thank you!
    I’ve been following you for a little while and you’re spot on
    I making slow changes over time
    I started with button down shirts and some new shoes
    I was surprised to hear some compliments from a couple of women on my shirts
    Because I only wore tee shirts my whole life
    Keep up the good work John!

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