Games Workshop's WORST Kept Secret! Monopose VS Multipose

This has been a hotly debated trend in which some wargamers love and others HATE! In this video Jay explains the difference of monopose and multipose figures, what he thinks is causing the shift, and why we should be excited for future kits! We have new videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! We’re streaming Monday-Saturday starting at 9PM CST!! JOIN USSSS! Thanks for watching!

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16 Replies to “Games Workshop's WORST Kept Secret! Monopose VS Multipose”

  1. Um any model is multipose when you break out the exacto knife, green stuff and plastic glue!

  2. Monopose are better, no fucking around spending days worrying about what weapons you want.

    Also, the paints are what matter for uniqueness, no cares if your little man's head is slightly turned compared to mine from 2 feet away while playing.

  3. I really don't like 10 unique monopose soldier in a unit, because it's very easy to have double this way.
    to me hybrid for unit and monopose for character is the way to go

  4. So… I've been wanting to make a True Scale space marine for… well the better part of a decade now. I had tried several attempts before, grabbing old Terminator legs, filling in the holes with greenstuff, adding a regular spacemarines front torso to a old terminator upper body. Adding strips of plasticard for extra height etc. And it never really looked great.
    Recently I bought a new Grimaldus model, and was very suprised to see that it's not modular even the slightest. BUT I didn't let that stop me at all, I converted and kitbashed to my hearts content, and now have an awesome Truescale marine, and it even has a dope pose as Grimaldus already had a cool pose. I even managed to chop the model in two at the waist and add some card for extra height there too 😀

    So yeah, if you WANT to convert, you absolutely definitely still can, and should!

  5. As a person who last played during 3rd edition, the models now are amazing, honestly the poses of models now have just left people spoiled, the 2nd edition box set which started my love for 40k had space marines in 3 parts, the gun stuck on the front the pack on the back and that was it. I'm actually getting back into it after 20 years and finally I can have my sororitas army I always wanted when I was young, there was no way my parents would buy me an army of all pewter models so it was always out of reach. Now though I looked back into the hobby to see what things were, then realising it's now 9th edition, checked on the models and how so many more chapters had their own unique stuff nowadays, then I saw the sororitas and instantly had to have them.

  6. Interchangeable heads and arms is good enough for me, the ones with no possible customization (without cutting) are always a disappointment.

  7. I agree. Too many people are caught up in the nostalgia of their modular kits. As someone newer to 40k, I think the older kits look terrible compared to the newer ones. You said it well. All of the older modular kits are different but still look the same. If someone wants to kitbash, they'll find a way. In an age where I can 3d print incredible minis on my printer for less than a dollar each, gw can't afford to release mediocre minis so they can be modular. If I'm going to pay a premium, it should look amazing out of the box.

  8. They need to make a system where you can switch limbs without using magnet. I mean do we really need to glue the backpack? Or just give us one of those push fit backpacks/limbs/guns/legs/heads/etc.

  9. I got into the hobby about 2 years ago and i think the argument that monopose models discourege creativety is perfecttly valid. Its not just some nostalgia thing. Yes conversion work will always be possible but it's much harder to do on a monopose model and that's gonna throw some people off from doing it because they are afraid of messing up and potentially destroying an expensive model. I am about to start an Ork army and i will be using the old ork boys. Not because i dont like the new models but because the new models are so locked in how monoposed they are that you cant even do a headswap without having to do greenstuff work. They are just too awkward to work with if you want something that's not exactly how GW intended it.

  10. i do think hybrid kits are the best my biggest problem though is that if i really like one pose i cant replicate it, other than that i agree

  11. I messed up loads of the so called "modular" kits when I was younger, having unrealistic looking running poses and having the minis facing down too much so they didn't look good when they were at eye level. I actually prefer the new kits, as the poses look much better. Granted you can't mix and match all he bits like you used to be able to, but I spend far less time trying to get the running poses and things like this right.

    honestly, getting a running pose right is not easy. I went to animation school and we spent so long just doing walk cycles because of this. Someone who doesn't have this knowledge is likely going to get them wrong, especially newer hobbyists.

    Personally I am happy they have taken some of the freedom away, in order to give us better looking poses over all. The artist can do more with the mini when they are designing the poses.

    Granted this can also go wrong, as the artist doesn't always get it right, but then this is where conversions come in. and also we can convert the majority of mono pose minis to be what we want them to be as well, so we still actually have all the freedom in the world when it comes to converting. It just means that kitbashing isn't as easy as it used to be.

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