17 Replies to “6ft girlies rejoice. There’s a 37” flare now!!! #fashiondesigner #yogapants #fashion”

  1. Hello I m very big fan and I want to make a suggestion that can you please make tomboy clothes that are also for teens..

    Can you please do that if you can then only…..pleaseeeeeess

    Love from huge fan

  2. Hiiii, I just wanted to say that the black skort yiu made, I found it on shein. When I first saw I thought it looked EXACTLY like the one you made so lm just informing yiu❤

  3. I love that you always try your best to make new designs and stuff for problems we’ve all had. ???? Thank you

  4. Seriously….!!!! U r such a ….besttttttt designer in the world getting all our problems ad designing to them we all love u so..much ad we will be with you forever love you…ad I got 3 sweatshirts they are amazing as usual ❤❤❤❤????????????????????

  5. Hii! I love your content and how you design these items so that your fans can have it. Can you please combine somthing with a shrug? I never seem to find the right one…

    Also is there sizes for teenagers?

  6. Could you make custom kids of pants for some people?I know it's not common enough to make it regularly,but meybe clothes that fit pepole with drawf syndrome would be good!

  7. I saw Sheins new skirt and it looked awfully like the one you made… ????

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