I made a monster eel underneath the ice

I always imagined that underneath the ice there was a giant monster eel swimming back and forth and waiting for our negligence.
The Anglers sometimes put their hands down, what if there was such a monster
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0:00 a rumor
01:04 Start making the skeleton for the monster model
01:21 add clay
03:38 paint monster model
03:51 make the base
05:50 make a mold to pour resin
08:43 perfect for the base
09:13 make a wooden house
11:44 make pine trees
13:29 sculpt a few people
14:24 show finished work

22 Replies to “I made a monster eel underneath the ice”

  1. Nossa seu canal é muito interessante,conteúdo maravilhoso ????????????

  2. Dude in landspeeder: I’d stay off the ice if I was you.

    Mando: No, I don’t think I will.

  3. This is the perfect example of humans in the ocean now. ????????????????????????. Love the attention to detail.

  4. You have a great imagination and creative skills…Some people do build thier beach houses too close to the water….The Diorama is amazing…That fisherman has not been noticed by the eel..Maybe it has been a family pet for years.,, Long finger nails are
    useful in crafts…..

  5. The vision and ideas in your mind are brought to life by your talents
    Your work is amazing

  6. I feel like it would have been better if the eel was actually looking at the fisher or the bait.
    it seems like 2 different settings slapped together here. Very nice work overall though

  7. This is fun, it made me happy… But it bothers me that they made their cabin right on the edge of the lake. I might have put snowmobiles and an ice fishing hut

  8. VC é muito bom pra fazer esses trabalhos parece que na vida real ????????????????

  9. мдя,жёсткая рыбалка.лёд тонковат.

  10. What is the name of that liquid adhesive? Each time I see you use it the pieces just stay in place.

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