6's and 7's (Tutorial)

A trick I learned from Scam School

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24 Replies to “6's and 7's (Tutorial)”

  1. I have them say pick a number one thru 5 to 2 people then I say pick a number one through 3 to one other person so it don't go past 15.

  2. i see a few comments about what if they pass 15 cards. i have been doing doing this trick for a long time and what i do is tell them… stop me when it feels right and because i want them to feel it i go extra slow when i'm dealing the cards… it creates a semi-awkward situation that forces them to tell you to stop early so for this reason i put two sixes near the top and then all 4 sevens in the middle and then the last 2 sixes at the end just because i like it when the card is the seventh card

  3. very good but this trick will require million of practices for me to get it

  4. Just some ideas for this, when you need the to pick a 6 or 7, say pick a number between 1 and 10, and have them count off that many, get your 6 or 7 and continue. If they go for like 9 and 10, tell them to divide by two or something, control it to be in the right range.

  5. just take those cards out of the deck and do triumph or something with the res of it.

  6. I've done this trick before with eights and nines, but someone once went past the eights and nines, so i quickly transitioned to another trick. Knowing that their card was ninth from the top in one of the spectators' hands, I got a pinky break above their card and just transitioned into some other trick. One clever thing to do is to have the person flipping over the sixes and sevens take the next card, since it isn't a six or seven, and move into the temperature trick.

  7. I saw David Blaine do a version like this with the 8s and 9s. But I think you simplified it and made it easier. Nice trick

  8. @TheLearnerOfCards IKR! Most of the kids in school they go all the way to end cards…

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