I LOVE Bantu KNOTS!!!! ( 3 Styles)

Here is a tutorial of how I do my bantu knots and bantu knot outs. I love this style because its cute and it is a good protective style. Enjoy!!

Products Used:
-As I am Naturally Leave In Conditioner
-Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner
-Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade
-Hairveda Herbal Green Tea Cream

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19 Replies to “I LOVE Bantu KNOTS!!!! ( 3 Styles)”

  1. You are a beautiful Black Woman. Thank you – you take your time caring for your crown '& it shows. You've got gifted hands to work dem Bantu Knots, Keep doing what U do. 🎈🌹

  2. Amazing work, wish I could see with more detail, how you make the knots ,but it looks great.. thank you..

  3. I know this was uploaded a while ago but what is color are you wearing on your lips?

  4. Totally cute and i will definitely try it with my short natural hair. Thanks for the vid!

  5. G'Day MissCinnamonCake, Love your videos. My cousin recommended you! Check out my channel. Ruth from Australia. Blessings

  6. Beautiful. I love your hair and the style is great! I am going to try this today!

  7. wow, you are so pretty! Thanks for the video and I would love to see a makeup tutorial.

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