7 Mystery Riddles You'll Need Time to Solve

When watching detective movies, you probably guess the bad guys’ names before the detectives do, exclaiming, “Come on, it’s easy!” Yeah, we all love detective stories where policemen investigate the most challenging cases. So how about testing your logic by solving these tricky detective riddles? Learn right now whether you would have been a good detective.

Here are seven really difficult cases for you to crack, each earning you one point. If you get 0-2 points, solve more logical puzzles and develop your imagination. One day, this will come in handy. If you get 3-5 points, you have an advantage over most people. You would be a great detective or writer of detective novels. And if you get 5-7 points, Sherlock Holmes would definitely take you as a partner. You solve complex riddles like school tests and most importantly, you love It!


Lonely King 00:00
Underwater 1:20
The magic word 2:21
Creepy Castle 3:35
Knights tournament 4:25
Two brothers 6:12
The theory of probability 7:28
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29 Replies to “7 Mystery Riddles You'll Need Time to Solve”

  1. Me I got 5-7 because I like solving riddles you know I'm always top 1 or 2 or 3 in our school

  2. At the Castle and the riddle is the rumor that they couldn’t enter was the living room bruh this one was ezz

  3. One of the riddles (the one with the Knights) one of the Knights is the Mandalorian ????????????????????????????????????

  4. It is because the king gave the seed that do not grow all the childrens changed that seed but one girls did not because she was hones and the king want to choose whobis honest

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