75 Unique Facts You Won't Easily Find From Googling

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16 Replies to “75 Unique Facts You Won't Easily Find From Googling”

  1. I wonder if it would be possible to make like a huge satellite or technical camera to send into a black hole for us humans to see what it would look like

  2. Not one of these facts is "unique" everyone has been on 1000 channels before….this video is a total waste of time…

  3. 1:45 Im sick of hearing about that gas filler-hole side of the vehicle indicated by the icon on the instrument panel. It seems a hundred videos tell you about it like it's an important discovery needing mass attention. If the thing was obscure before, it's certainly not now. And, it's worth mentioning, it's not universally true. Numerous threads mention exceptions.

  4. Fun fact: A jean’s rivets were first used for workers and to help prevent ripping on pants!

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