8 Kinds Of Watch Collectors You Should Never Become

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As much as we all love our little hobby, it’s not perfect. There are certain types of collectors that lead to a toxic environment in some cases. In this video, I’ll share eight different types of watch collectors and enthusiasts I think you should never be or become.

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0:00 – Intro & Organization
1:53 – Afraid To Wear
3:21 – Every Dollar On Watches
4:55 – Snobby Elitist
6:50 – Can’t Afford
8:34 – Flipper
10:41 – Window Shopper
12:30 – Critic
14:33 – Unrealistic Expectations

29 Replies to “8 Kinds Of Watch Collectors You Should Never Become”

  1. Last year I able to get a rolex air king 2022 at retail from an AD with no purchase history. I was so happy and I posted about it in the rolex forum on Facebook and they had that one guy (snobby elitist) saying is is just an air king it is an entry rolex anyone can get one and he said you can't get daytonas like I do. Then they had people jumping his case in the comments. It was pretty funny.

  2. Living in London and being afraid to wear your watch go hand in hand! ????

  3. Guilty of number 1, not because i dont wear my watch, but because i hate when they get scratched????
    Also slightly guilty of number 2 but have worked on bettering myself in that regard. ????

    Instead of window shopping i just search youtube and google for reviews and opinions of a watch i am looking to buy. That way, i waste nobody's time but my own.

    Great content as always ❤

  4. Ignore this! Watch collecting is in the eye of the beholder. Value it for what it represents to you as an individual. This video is just fodder to those who seek validation. Step away. Nobody has a right to criticise.

  5. Im guilty of having watches worth more than my transportation. But, that said, ive had my truck 10 years. Its still incredibly reliable, and i do have a plan for replacing it when it finally craps out. If anything, i feel like my financial responsibility with my vehicles has allowed me to enjoy more watches lol

  6. The "broke collectore" never has money to spend on watches so jus consumes all the youtube material on watches.

  7. Teddy is describong these types with the utmost precision. So eloquently phrased, so meticulously framed. Teddy is probably the best reviewer / dealer out there. The combination of fairness and scrutiny is rare, Teddy can pull it off, without hurting anybody's feelings. Chapeau..!

  8. It‘s really difficult to use all the watches???????????? I tried it! When sleeping I tried to put a different one on though…..

  9. I don't like watch enthusiasts who treat watches as pure investment. Most watches don't go up in value. The selling process is cumbersome. And watches are meant to be worn because they are jewelry, not stocks and bonds. But then again, I have to keep an open mind and accept other watch enthusiasts as who they are.

  10. There is also another bad type – a guy who uses every possible moment in all conversations in chat groups to destroy specific brand that he/she hates. Always attacks specific brand in every possible way, not being objective and being annoying to the point that no conversation about this brand is without his/her hateful comments.

  11. Like Teddy mentioned this thing about window shoppers, am I wrong if I visit a luxury watch retailer to try on some watches and see them in person? I can’t really buy those watches yet in any way but I love seeing these great time pieces in person and how it feels on hand. I love seeing the movement and the finish of these watches in person. Is this something that’s not right?

  12. that last comment was so accurate. See this all the time. Great topic Teddy

  13. Hi teddy, love the real talks once in a while to reflect while digging deeper into this hobby.
    Btw, I am looking forward for your thoughts on the new Longines Conquest 2023! Saw it in person yesterday but unfortunately the AD didnt have the blue variant which I was most interested. To get your thoughts before a potential aquisition would be very valuable. Cheers!

  14. Teddy ended up talking about types of people you shouldn’t become in general.

  15. My folks gave me a Bulova Marine Star when I graduated in 94. I wore that poor watch everyday. I eventually wore it out beyond repair. I kinda regret that. But I really enjoyed that watch to the fullest. Thats why you need at least 3.

  16. I still don't understand why do i need a bed frame when i could own a Rolex

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