8 Psychological Tricks That Make People Instantly Like You

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Actress Millie Bobby Brown has a polarizing but effortless charm that has made her incredibly popular. So in today’s video, we’ll break down 8 habits you can steal from Millie that will help you immediately make people like you.


0:00 – Intro
0:10 – #1: The magnetic effect of having fun
0:57 – #2: Soften your tease with a laugh
2:17 – #3: Mix in compliments with your teases
3:15 – #4: Use warm platonic touch
3:32 – #5: Make your life relatable to others
5:30 – #6: Give expansive answers
6:34 – #7: Turn the conversation back on the other person
7:30 – #8: Be a likeable listener

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21 Replies to “8 Psychological Tricks That Make People Instantly Like You”

  1. Solid tips. Also, didn't know that some people dislike the girl so viciously lol they need to chill

  2. Hi, I really like your content. When someone asks me a question like what is that book about and then I start explaining, they end up looking very bored. What should I change?

  3. 6:35 “you don’t wanna dominate the conversation by talking all the time” then shows a clip of Neil deGrasse Tyson why do him dirty like that lmao

  4. I am on the Autism spectrum. Thank you so much for this entire channel and taking the time to break down the social rules which have never come naturally to me at all. I think a lot of autistic people will feel the same. I would watch the hell out of playlist on what normal social interactions are meant to look like!

  5. Have you seen yung filly’s sidemen video. He displays personality traits such as polite and inviting. I believe it is clear that it would make a great video to describe these characteristics.

  6. This dude is living in an alternate universe if this is the best he can do.

  7. Dude seriously? I am not alone in thinking she is one of the most annoying people EVER! Show off, needs all of the attention, interrupts everyone etc. Sounds like you're one of the creepers that were counting down the days til she turned 18.

  8. Definitely a Chakra Vampire. Blah, blah, blah….listen to me talk all day… No thanks!

  9. I love these videos. For me, the best way to use them is to listen to a point, pause practice one example, e fore moving on to the next point

  10. I'm really surprised you've never done a video on Dolly Parton. Shes absolutely magnetic, tactful, and makes everyone around her feel wonderful. Her energy is genuinely beautiful.

  11. By all means take your life advise from actors, some of the most dysfunctional PPL on the planet

  12. For me, She is so Dislikable. Defo polarising. iT transferred to her role in Stanger things. I watched the last series of Stanger things and skipped all her scenes in the institute place.

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