A day at a bespoke shoemakers

At John Lobb, one of Britain’s last remaining bespoke shoemakers, little has changed since 1849. Perri Lewis unlocks the door to a lost world of craftsmanship

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  1. I just bought the RTW John Lobb Levah Sneakers. While not bespoke, they are the nicest, most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever owned. The quality and comfort is astounding.

  2. Came here after binge watching the cobbler, Bedo's Leatherworks. I'm compelled to be all over YouTube researching shoemaker. 😢😢😢

  3. I hope they are careful enough to have those ties fastened as working with loose ties with machinery nearby can be highly hazardous.

  4. Those were Robert Maxwells lasts. They also have lasts of the royal family, like princess Diana. Not this is a secret, so this might not be new to a lot of people.

  5. Maybe he boinked her afterwards , but he looks like the type that would go for the shoesmiths in that shop

  6. Oh how I'd love to have a hand made pair of shoes, simply because they don't fuse the soles to the shoe with glue, they sew them

  7. Now those are shoes i would pay a few grand for. You gotta love the quality and the craftsmanship that goes into one pair of shoes, unlike the piece of crap "MADE IN CHINA" nike's that can go for thousands and thousands of dollars for poor quality junk. 

  8. Yes I understand what you mean when referring to the young lass, but I guess that is the way things are these days. Having said that she did appear to have a genuine interest in the subject. My only wish is that she becomes highly successful in her chosen profession and therefore becomes a highly valued customer of John Lobb. p.s. they do make marvelous shoes I am proud to say that I own two pairs and hope to own more.

  9. you would have thought that they would have got a Bespoke person to interview the workers…

  10. @victorlenz so is the shop at Northampton any good do they send their shoes down to st James street ?

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