A day in my life in JAPAN vlog- A productive day

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🎃Shout out to Omer Arda Atalay for adding Turkish subs ;D
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Who am I?👩🏻‍⚕️🍙
I’m a first-year med student in Turkey. I’m taking a break from med school because of some personal and private reasons. I can not explain it yet but I will hopefully in the future.
If you are interested in which ethnicity do I have, I’m mixed. (Japanese-Turkish)
I was born in Japan but I grew up in Turkey. (But I visit Japan every single year)
Both of these languages are my mother language.
I’m polyglot and I can speak 4 languages fluently which are Japanese, Turkish, German, and English. If you don’t think that I’m a polyglot check Cambridge or Oxford Dictionary.
Poly means multiple and glot mean tongue so yes I am 🙂
I will be planning to upload lots of productivity-related videos, so stay tuned if you like those types of videos.
If you have any questions, comment down below.
Love you,

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Frequently Asked Questions:
-My height : 158 cm
-Why you use your Japanese name: Because its easier to remember
-Religion?: I don’t feel comfortable talking about religion
-What’s your relationship status? Not feeling comfortable talking about that either
-What’s your sexuality? No need to identify
-Where are you living? Currently in Turkey

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  1. dikkat ettim de bütün videolarında en az bir kere uyanıp esniyorsun fgdjgljdsgds

  2. Has anyone noticed this that in Japan every single machine talks all of them have voice simulator system .

  3. Türkçe başlıkla girdim bitince beklentim olan Japonya daki youtuberlara insanların bakış açısı. Popüleritileri ve ruri gibi içerik üretenlerin kitlesi ne kadar diye öğreneceğimi sandım 😄. İngilizce başlığı görünce dedim neeeey? Tabii video bitince görmem bir şey değiştirmedi 😄😄

  4. I am a cappuccino addict 😔. Ehm it started in 2017 when my mom brought some cappuccino and I tried it,ever since I am a certified cappuccino addict. I tried to go for therapy,but the damn disappointment is too much, the cappuccino just keeps coming back.

  5. Not weird to wash hair in the morning and body at night. It’s so much better! 😊

  6. If I were so "messy" like You, I would say I am tidy. Only when calling my children or ex-wife or very seldom a friend, I try to tidy up. I do my dishes and my laundry once a week.
    Now, I have discovered you, so I have another good teacher on the Internet and a cute one too.

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