Come Shopping With Me At MARSHALLS For MAKEUP DEALS!

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Come Shopping With Me At MARSHALLS For MAKEUP DEALS!
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21 Replies to “Come Shopping With Me At MARSHALLS For MAKEUP DEALS!”

  1. Hi my Pitachips! Happy Valentines day!!!! i love you all so much! Stay tune for the next video😈

  2. My marshalls in real sketchy and everything is opened up and swatched. Some products at even missing from the packaging 🙁

  3. I went yesterday and they had the Anastasia Aurora Palette and I wanted to buy it so bad but it’s hard because it was in the clear case and I wasn’t able to make sure it was in good condition.

  4. Don’t go into Marshall’s and just show us all the makeup and their prices just tell us what’s good and what’s not we can all go and see 😂

  5. God we know how to read blah blah u don't have to read the whole topic in the product

  6. The only shop here in italy is sephora 😭😭 and its so pricey, so many deals in the us!!!

  7. Omg , this is my 1st time watching u & i must say this was so rushed thru like I couldn’t complete the vid ❗️😩

  8. The Ellen Tracey one I would buy but it has her face in big in the pallette so yikes

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