A Luxury Pilot Watch That Sets The Standard In Many Ways – IWC Mark XX

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In this video, I’ll share my detailed thoughts on the IWC Mark XX, a newer pilot’s watch from a brand that is closely associated with aviation timekeeping history. What do you guys think of the Mark XX?

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12 Replies to “A Luxury Pilot Watch That Sets The Standard In Many Ways – IWC Mark XX”

  1. How about a video on the IWC pilots chronograph 43mm and it’s replacement 41mm

  2. This wears so great on my wrist. Unfortunately I wasnt able to purchase it just yet

  3. I like IWC pilot watches. But I can get a German pilot with the same legitimate heritage for a fraction of the price, from brands such as Laco and Stowa. Since it’s a basic, military type watch, I am not willing to pay 4-5x more for 20% better finishing and the IWC brand

  4. Hey Teddy, First off, thank you for reviewing this bang-on Fleiger. Even though there is no official COSC certification, I bought my MARK XX the weekend prior to the launch last summer while I was in NYC from the IWC Boutique. The timing was perfect and I didn't even hesitate! Shout out to the team there as they made my personal experience fantastic! Anyway, I adore the simplicity and legibility of this watch and since owning it, I have added 3 Rubber and two leather easx straps making it such a fun timepiece to own. I also purchased a folding clasp which finishes the watch off perfectly and I alternate the easx pin buckle as and when. Out of all of my personal collection, the Mark XX is my daily driver leaving my Rolex turning circles in my Wolf Winder (Explorer oyster steal, yellow gold.]. Theft is getting worse here on that score so I have zero worries about wearing my MARK XX day in and day out. Happy days 🙂

  5. I'm struggling to see the value in these. A £300 base level Laco Augsburg offers a similar experience over the £5050 they expect you to pay for one here in the UK. Thats £4750 for an extra 80 hours of power reserve and an indiscernible level of finish. Seems like a classic case of the Emperor's New Clothes.

  6. meh! look like a normal looking watch
    you are paying $$$$ for the IWC logo on the dial – that's all

  7. I like my Amg petronas. If you have a look at 40’s schaffhausen was very luxury brand. I believe that’s still keep heritage/ luxury name

  8. What is a better made and more accurate watch Panerai or IWC in $5K to $7K price range?

  9. I have a blue dial Mark XVIII on a bracelet. I have looked at a Mark XX in a shop.
    I could hardly notice any visual differences. Not enough to justify me to upgrade.
    The longer power reserve would be nice, I find that I need to wind my Mark XVIII a bit daily to keep it running.
    The accuracy of the ETA movement in my Mark XVIII is — 2s/day. Which is fine and better than my Grand Seiko Hi-Beat watch.
    I wish they made the date window larger. (I can’t read the date without glasses). When I spoke to the IWC global brand marketing director about it, he said the small date is for aesthetic reasons.

  10. I like it but don't think it's worth the upgrade from a Mark XVIII at this price. I like the improvements in WR and PR but the lug to lug remains bigger than necessary, it's a questionable in-house movement, the date window still suggests movement is too small for the case and I'd love to see applied indices. I do love the design language but I'll stick with my current model

  11. Yet again the proportions of the lugs to the case are too big. The BP43 wears so much better than the Mk series even on a 16.5 wrist. 17% of the overall length of the watch is lug length vs. the 22% of the mk20.

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