Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Part 7

We finally made it to the framework of this wrecked aventador sv!!! We are trying our best to save the parts that we cant easily buy. This rear end has been pretty easy to work with and we couldn’t be happier with how everything is lining up. This has to be our most epic build and here soon it’ll be ripping around the streets. Thanks For Watching!!!



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26 Replies to “Rebuilding A Wrecked Lamborghini Aventador SV Part 7”

  1. Geez, lighten up on the ‘just like OEM’ crap….as tiresome as trying to hype their overpriced Amazon sauce. Dude.

  2. Nice redneck repairs.. Cant watch this bs anymore. My eyes are bleeding.

  3. I know we have a super car so let's mod it.. WHY ? It doesn't need any modifications guys. The look awesome as they are.

  4. Did you guys use a different camera for this video? Quality seemed much better !

  5. Well done goonzqaud people giving out about your frame machine I’m sure you lot know what you’re doing ????crazy comments keep up the good work lads

  6. ????I'm going to question that bracket you bent back and are going to weld ,you should have just remade it it would have been the wisest choice !

  7. Maybe VTuned can help you with the aluminum frame piece? Of course it needs to be the exact same size.

  8. See if the drive shaft guys that built Steve Morris's drive shaft can fix that x bar.

  9. They always start the videos saying they have ordered every conceivable spare part and then follow that up with a list of things they haven't got…meaning everything ends up like the Porsche or Urus.

  10. Please get that piece of metal from v tuned and cut that piece out you bent back and talking about welding to fix it he has that piece

  11. You all should've fix the exhaust, titanium is really flexible and "easy" to work on.

  12. guys this lambo needs a gintani f1 exhaust and their signature flame tune

  13. Talk to v tuned cause a bar like your trying to fix there in the back he replaced and welded on the farari he might have the piece you need then can cut the piece off and weld on

  14. A good carbon fiber bike frame repair guy would make quick work of restoring that 6 grand cross brace boys.

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