A Man Who Flew Faster Than the Speed of Sound

If someone would’ve told us a long time ago that humans could travel faster than the speed of sound, we’d nod our heads in disbelief and laugh. Breaking the sound barrier was as mind-boggling as superman’s ability to defy gravity. But what if I told you that a man achieved this impossible feat more than 70 years ago? So, who is this guy? How did he manage to travel faster than the speed of sound?

Future legend, Charles “Chuck” Yeager, was born in 1923. When he graduated from school, he enrolled in the Army Air Corps. He was great with coordination, and he could carry out almost any task without any difficulty. In March of 1943, he finally got his wings to fly away. Within a year he’d managed to fly more than 270 hours around Europe. In just a few years he’d be able to travel faster than the speed of sound. And, that wasn’t an easy task…

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Chuck’s childhood 0:40
Flight training 1:55
What the sound barrier is 3:22
How fast does sound travel? 5:44
The X-1 and its mission 6:00
How Chuck achieved the impossible 7:41
… and how he did it again at… 89 years old! 10:30

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– Chuck grew up in a small town in West Virginia called Hamlin, and he was the second-born son of Susie and Albert Yeager. He had a very peaceful upbringing, and he sure enjoyed being active and curious.
– His dad owned a natural gas drilling business in Hamlin. There, Chuck developed a passion for generators, pumps and pressure regulators.
– In 1941, Chuck graduated from school; and in September of that year, he enrolled in the Army Air Corps, a choice that would change his life forever.
– He had the whole flying package, and when his training started; he took off…literally and figuratively speaking. His eyesight was 20/10 which was remarkable.
– In March of 1943, he finally got his wings to fly away. Within a year he’d managed to fly more than 270 hours around Europe.
– Scientifically speaking, the sound barrier is a sudden rise in aerodynamic force that happens when an aircraft approaches the speed of sound.
– While the world of aviation was taking off, engineers were trying to figure out a way to build airplanes that could approach the speed of sound without breaking into pieces.
– The speed of sound is Mach 1, which is equivalent to 761 miles per hour. But even at Mach 0.8 (613 mph), the shockwaves that were building up were still dangerous for the aircraft.
– The X-1 had only one mission – to break the sound barrier. So, it had to retain all its fuel in order to make the speed and travel faster than sound.
– It was on October 14th, 1947, right after 10:30 in the morning. Yeager courageously boarded the aircraft, and the mothership took off. At 20,000 feet the X-1 was released from the B-29.
– Chuck had achieved the impossible. He had broken the sound barrier, and travelled faster than the speed of sound.
– In 2012, at 89 years old, 65 years after breaking the Sound Barrier, Chuck Yeager did it again. He flew a McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle and he hit 1.3 Mach, like a true aviation champion.

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