A Phone so Powerful it has a Motorized Exhaust Port

Today we durability test the worlds most powerful gaming smartphone, the ROG phone 7 Ultimate. Consistently considered the worlds best gaming phone – and also the most expensive. This year the ROG phone 7 Ultimate has a motorized exhaust port, which should make the thermal cooling system almost 200% more efficient. Hopefully this ROG phone 7 ultimate does better on the durability test than last years phone… or the year before that… Since both of the Previous generations of the ROG Phone lineup have done pretty terrible from a durability perspective.

23 Replies to “A Phone so Powerful it has a Motorized Exhaust Port”

  1. As far as I am concerned, with such a bend it does not survive the durability test. Just for the price it should not bend like that.

  2. The cooler contact surface makes me wonder if it has in-built peltier element.

  3. I've never winced so much watching a video! ???? I'm not sure I could destroy brand new items ????????

  4. This is really interesting. This is the phone I bought the other week after my ROG 3 died. And it's been great so far.

  5. Now can I have that phone… pretty please
    Bcz I'm sure you won't be using it ????

  6. Guys I would also like to point out.

    The dumb ass flap is a gimmick, it's Gimmick AF. If it was useful they would of put it on the Ally.

    The Ally ia their portable "Console" just released.

    Another thing to point out.

    This thing… Is freaking 1400-1800 dollars. Like why? It's a freaking phone.

    The Ally is $699, works like a steam deck with windows and 120hz monitor.

    What's bothering me is they gave a phone, YES A PHONE a better screen than the Ally ????‍????.

    There's crap on this phone that don't even make sense when you you're looking at the Ally. Two devices which are for gaming.

    Phones, any phone can game. Any phone above $400 can game well.

    My point if you're gaming, why would you want this thing at its price point? Lol.

    ASUS is silly AF for pricing it so high when it's functionally no different than my S22Ultra playing games.

    Come on ASUS.

  7. 0:59 Gimmicks are the last thing I want to put up with when buying a $1400 pocket computer.

  8. This how all expensive phone box look like. Come with a fancy box and a great unboxing experience.

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