Best Wall Storage for Makers?

Organizing the maker space in my office with the help of 3D printing. This office storage and organization is taking my tech hub to the next level.

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Deburring tool –
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Apurture MC Lights –
Digital Calipers –
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➤3D Print files
*I’ll be uploading my designs soon, but here are the downloaded ones*
My Honeycomb Storage Wall Collection –
Honeycomb Storage Wall by RostaP –
OpenSCAD Parametric Grid by Wireheadarts –

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16 Replies to “Best Wall Storage for Makers?”

  1. Has this channel turned into a continuous sales/advertising platform? ????

  2. I'm curious how easy it is to move the inserts around in the future? Looking at the design it looks like it could be rather fragile, and having to replace a panel in the future if/when it happens sounds frustrating

  3. That's great, Brad. I just can't help but think this is what happens when your ECD kicks in.

  4. Why create a plug that has to go into the grid in order to accept a fixture? Why can't you just print the fixtures with the proper size post that goes directly onto the grid?

  5. I started planning one of these walls so I glad to see a video on it. I am now even more excited to get it done. Great video!

    How easy are the insertes to remove to rearrange after the wall is up?

  6. Was already printing the wall when you uploaded????. Glad to see a high quality video on the project

  7. very nice indeed. Probably won't ever get to do this bc I just don't have a use or need for a 3d printer. Still cool though. The Mountain Dew holder was the chef kiss

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