Abandoned Survival Bunker in the woods………complete tour!!

Brooke and I recently bought 5 acres in interior Alaska and on that land there is an abandoned survival cabin / Bunker. today we’re all going to take a look at what was left inside!!!!

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  1. I love exploring old houses and stuff you just never know what you would find. Love yalls channels.

  2. Gross girl in the woods. Someone could have pissed in a half full bottle of mouth wash. Maybe didn't want to go outside to piss at night so there's a big bottle. How long before you kiss her again?

  3. Always interesting to explore rather you find keepers or not,just wondering where this person or persons are at now,and wondering if they might come back lol,😉and ty for sharing this 👍 loved it 👍😊…

  4. You guys make me smile ! By the way, I watched that ALONE "roundup" and they did feature a checker's game but not anything about Brook's effort in Mongolia (oh well). And so…. A 12/12 Truss roof over that cynderblock structure. Even with small scale tree stock (like an ALONE structure). Then either 6 ml ~ or better 10 ml, high carbon, greenhouse grade plastic. (I hope you haven't just "knocked down" your bunker.). The Bunker probably is fairly bear proof. ~~~ My "Tarp Mahal" (the neighbor calls it that) is 24/32 feet with a 18 foot peak, 10 foot ceiling truss with gambrel roof and girts made from political sign wire (lots of that here in New Hampshire). One inch /10' conduit with "fixtures." Then the whole thing is covered with 6 ml plastic made in Israel via a distributor in Cleveland. Cost was $500.00. 20 years so far with one roof layer added 8 years ago. Takes a two foot wet snow load. Anyway I pray you keep the "Bunker" and add to it. Best wishes ~ always.

  5. My luck, I’d be ate up with ticks going into something like that 🤣
    Looking forward to seeing more footage of your newest property….

  6. Very cool.

    Is there any chance that there might be an underground storage area?

    Who in their right mind would build a flat roof in Alaska using 2×4 as roof joists?

  7. Awesome! Let’s see if you can frame a roof on it if it ever gets cleaned out.

  8. Brooke is so hard-core! That mouthwash thing killed me just watching it! 🙂

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