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Think of this as a weeknight chicken confit, cooked low and slow in plenty of olive oil along with sweet carrots and tangy lemon slices. Alison Roman is back at it again with a new recipe. Be sure to save the olive oil that the chicken is cooked in to use for other dishes. That’s the good stuff.


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10 Replies to “Alison Roman's Chicken Confit | NYT Cooking”

  1. I LOVE really greasy food. Can't wait to try this recipe, but I'll be sure to dry cure the chicken and then season the chicken even more. Looks SOOOO good.

  2. It would be interesting to try this with a good buttermilk and salt brine before the confit. And possibly on the low end and then cooling it overnight in the fridge and breading it for a quick deep fry. I used to work at a farm to table place where we got excellent farm chickens that were a little smaller and chef would make us fried chicken confit for comida every now and then and it was off the hook good food.

  3. Go to small dinner party dish, it’s impressive, a family style focal point or easy plating, affordable, seasonally adjustable, works with what ever bottle of wine you’re friends bring, pairs with any salad or bread, easy, delicious and makes people think you’re way cooler than you are

  4. I love ya girl…. & I'm from LA too, but you gotta lose the valley girl talk

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